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Location: Finland, Gender: Male, Age: 26

Smart Place Gare du Nord

Paris, France

Decent cheap hostel at a great location near the train station (Gare du Nord). Facilities nothing special, but overall quite good. Recommend this for people in Paris for a short stay.


London, England

Rooms kind of basic and lockers were tiny (not enough for a laptop for example... maybe this was for a reason?). No personal power sockets either, which made security a bigger issue. Good location.

Wombats City Hostel London

London, England

Good location. But I think the room I was staying in was missing a bedside power socket, which is very important to me becasue I want to be able to securely charge my phone overnight. Sort of "groupy" atmosphere.


Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Good location near Chorsu Bazaar. Fairly easy to find. Basically a good B&B overall, but nothing super special. Staff were friendly. Prices on this website are not the actual prices, we ended up paying far less in person.

Godzillas Hostel

Moscow, Russia

Pretty good overall. The high price keeps it a "travelers hostel" which is probably good for the atmosphere (many Russian hostels have full time students living there, which can be a bit awkward). Facilities however could be improved especially considering the price, for instance individual power sockets or more showers would be good. Location was great, staff were great as well. Overall, I'd recommend people stay here.

Porty Hostel

Port Antonio, Jamaica

Even though I felt that there are quite a few things that need to improve about the facilities offered by the hostel, I had a great time. The hostel is located in a residential neighborhood in Port Antonio that gives the place a very "local" vibe. The owner is helpful and showed me a local party in Port Antonio (Roadblock). There were some negatives which didn't seem like such a big deal because of all of the positives above: no hot water and no lockers

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The Porty Hostel is open for two months now and this is the second time someone "complains" about the fact that there are no properly lockers, so I thank you for your suggestion and I communicate that the hostel will have them already from the first days of next week. Thanks for the good review. Bless.

Reggae Hostel

Kingston, Jamaica

Pretty good overall, with friendly (albeit a bit disorganized) staff and a good atmosphere. Good place to start your travels in Eastern Jamaica. Location near the Half Way Tree bus terminal is also quite good, though the street that the hostel is on unfortunately has some stray dogs which are not so nice at night. Facilities are decent, but price is quite high and when I was there Jamaica was undergoing a drought which meant long periods without any running water.

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Hi, thanks for the review! We are happy to let you know that we are no longer experiencing water issues and there are less strays on the street now because of better perimeter fencing on a nearby property. We have also made some improvements which I think you will enjoy when you return. Bless :)

Smart Russell Square Hostel

London, England

Upside: Good Russell Sq location, liked the privacy nets around beds. Dislike: My bed had no personal power outlet or light meaning that I had to go to the (super crowded) common room to charge my phone. The beds at the top had no privacy curtain upwards meaning that if someone turned on the lights, they would wake up. Having one big room with showers is a good idea, but the showers were disgusting and why can't you just have a normal tap instead of one button where you can't control temperature

Kimchee Hongdae Guesthouse

Seoul, South Korea

Pretty good overall, nice volunteer staff, a personal light on the beds and sockets would have been good additions. Biggest problem was that the showers (or at least one shower) didn't provide hot water all the time.

Almaty Backpackers

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Quite a nice backpacker hostel, seemed to be quite popular as there were a lot of guests. Location was in the South East corner of Almaty, which was a nice area (easy access to Medeu/Chimbulak) but a little bit far from the center. Some staff (I think it was a family home so everyone is from the same family) were really great and spoke English and knew Almaty really well, but a few others were friendly but unfortunately didn't speak English. Dorms were nice but there was only one toilet upstairs

Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel

Good hostel overall, friendly and helpful staff, pretty good atmosphere (though there was a bit of a "birthright" vibe - and this is a negative for most independent travellers). Location was on the main street in town, but about a 2km walk from the Old City.

Cliff Hotel

Amman, Jordan

The hostel was good value for money (though definitely not the cheapest in Amman like some commenters here have said, just the cheapest on booking sites). Nice and knowledgeable staff, good location right in the center of Amman (all the taxis etc know Hashem restaurant so it's easy to find)

Travellers Inn

Mumbai, India

The best thing about Traveller's Inn was the price, which was great compared to other places. Location was decent enough, a walking distance from just about everywhere. Rooms had a small safe that could be locked though it was not big enough for most laptops. Negatives: COLD WATER, despite warm water having been advertised and the room having a switch saying "hot water". The dorm was never cleaned very well at least from what I saw (but it was never dirty).

Panorama Guest House

Udaipur, India

The hostel was nice enough, in a good location and moderately cheap. Rooms had a padlock and valuable could be left at the reception. There were some powercuts however which were quite annoying as the rooms could get very hot very quickly if the fan on the roof was turned off. The rooms were also generally quite hot, though not unbearable when the fan was working and probably nicer in the winter. Staff were nice enough, I didn't interact with them much.

Shoestrings Backpackers

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Definitely a party vibe in this hostel, with loud music until midnight every night. Good atmosphere, friendly people. Facilities were good except for no aircon in rooms (just a fan) and a bunch of showers with small problems (one with no hot water, one with low water pressure etc).

Guess House Hostel

Seminyak, Indonesia

Good staff, location was decent, a little bit out of the way but good... Hard to find for,the taxi though that might have been the taxi's fault. All basic facilities were included. But showers were not great, water pressure was low and it would,have been good to have a place to keep clothes dry while showering.

Owner Comment (Hide)
Dear Guest, thank you for choosing our hostel as your preffered to stay. Your comment is valuable to us and we will put in more effort to keep our standard of clealiness high. We hope to see you again in near futur

Dina's Hostel

Cairo, Egypt

Great staff, no pushing of tours etc. Good location. Some great amenities such as electricity plugs that supported all sorts of countries' appliances in the common room. Other guests were very knowledgeable on the region and helpful. Negatives were lack of aircon in dorms (it got quite warm) and the almost daily powercuts (short but annoying)

Sofia Chill House

Coimbra, Portugal

A really fun hostel in a great location. People running it go out of their way to make your stay enjoyable, though it's probably a better choice for those looking for a more lively hostel than a quiet one. The location is great and the hostel is clean and has good facilities, though the addition of a few more lockers wouldn't hurt. The best part is the the staff though, they go out of their way to make your stay enjoyable.

Hostel Ljubicica

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Great location, but rooms are not clean, a bit too hot and number of bathrooms is limited (+ NO LOCK!!!)