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Aida Resort

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

I think Aida Resort is FANTASTIC! For only 65 Egyptian Pounds a night (10 USD) you are a 10-minute walk away from the Old Market, sandy beach, KFC, fish restaurants, shops, stores, etc. Aida Resort is a great deal when it comes to accommodation options in Sharm...

Ghazala Hotel

Dahab, Egypt

It was disappointing to show up at Ghazala and be told I could only stay for one night (when I had booked for 5) This has occurred three times now in Egypt! I've contacted Hostelworld, but they don't respond back. Anyway, Ghazala was great! Very nice, very clean, the staff were friendly. It's an amazing value for money! I stayed 2 weeks in Dahab at 4 hotels and I can recommend Ghazala to any of you! WARNING - in most hotels in Dahab mosquitoes fly in through the A/C, BUG SPRAY A MUST!

Nile Season Hotel

Cairo, Egypt

I think I caught the hostel on an 'off' day. Reading the other reviews...they're all very positive. Hostelworld confirmed my reservation and then I confirmed the reservation personally by email one week before my arrival. When I got to the hostel they had no room for me and I had to spend the night in a dingy place. I got back to Nile Season Hotel the next day to a bed that had multiple types of hair all over it (including pubic); the pillows smelled like 'hair grease'; etc. Not impressed!

Absynt Hostel

Wroclaw, Poland

The room was 'sufficient' and 'clean'. Great location near Main Market. VERY LOUD CLUBS are neighbors...and then people on street early in morning and staff begins to clean rooms around 7am! In other words, this is not a hostel where you'll get a lot of rest...(loud all night with music from neighboring clubs and then noise early in the morning from street and cleaning staff)...

Galicja Hotel - Oswiecim

Oswiecim, Poland

Really nice place, but a few 'oddities'...the place looks great, but then has bits and pieces that are falling apart or don't work well, etc. Takes would be a great place, instead it's just a 'good' place...(TV is practically on the floor, but the walls, roof, etc., look brand's just missing 'the little' things to make it a great hotel...)

Aparthotel Station

Krakow, Poland

I arrived in Krakow to 35 degrees! It was really HOT in the room and NO fans or anything were available :( Privacy was also a problem due to missing pieces of my drapes (allowing neighbors to see in) - I moved the bookcase to block the window. Overall it was fine, but nothing wonderful....

Tatamka Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

The mattress on the bed was 1.5 inches thick! This means that any amount of weight and you're sleeping on the board underneath you! It was actually MORE comfortable to take the 'mattress' and put it on the ground. I slept my two nights at Tamka on the ground. There was not a bathroom on my floor - very inconvenient. I don't find the location that's at the bottom of a large incline...I think there are better options in Warsaw. BUT I LOVE WARSAW! PLEASE GO SEE IT! IT IS GREAT!!

Hostel Zappio

Gdansk, Poland

Hostel Zappio was fine. It wasn't great, it was fine. The best thing about Zappio is the staff. Pawel and the others who work the desk were VERY nice and always very helpful!

Hostal Mundial

Madrid, Spain

It is hard to give this hostel a fair review as my experience was tainted by my VERY LOUD neighbors. I spoke to them about the noise, etc., but they kept me awake until they finally went to sleep at 3:30am. Taking that aside, the hostel is basic and 'fine'. The room smelled like cigarettes, but it was clean. The walls are VERY THIN and you can hear EVERYTHING that is going on in the other rooms. The woman who works there is NOT nice, but the man who does the night shift is...

Urbany Hostel Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

I stayed at a hostel in Barcelona city center 3 weeks before...I was disappointed with Urbany. I didn't feel like it was a great deal for the money; the location is kind of 'off' if you want to be in the center of it all. You're given fresh linen, but you put it on a bed and pillow that smell like at least two other people's hair/sweat/etc. Overall I just don't think it was worth the money....

Consul del Mar

Valencia, Spain

I regret not being able to stay longer at this hotel. It was VERY nice and I would've enjoyed the pool and sauna if I could've stayed...

B&B La Milagrosa

Alicante, Spain

The room was nice, etc., but what really was superb was the breakfast buffet up at the terrace, across from the Basilica and looking up at the Castle of St. Barbara! Amazing! No public buses pass by the hotel and the parking situation is crazy! This is the negative about the hotel...

Hotel Alcantara

Caceres, Spain

VERY nice room and GREAT location - short walk to Old Town and restaurants...

Pension Salamanca

Salamanca, Spain

Negatives - no parking; you're right on a main street (lots of noise late into night)... Positives - GREAT value for money!!

Hostal R. Mexico

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Negative - it's 'down' the hill from the Cathedral, you have to walk 'up'... Positive - nice room, VERY clean, helpful staff....


nice traditional-looking room (bare beams on ceiling) right next to the Cathedral - FANTASTIC PLACE and great value!

Hotel Bilbi

Bilbao, Spain

The curtains should be white, but are dark yellow from tobacco smoke - hence the room smells like smoke. Bed was comfortable, bathroom was clean....overall though, it was just 'ok'...nothing screamed 'great' or wonderful....

Hostel Hemingway

Pamplona, Spain

It might have been the couple having sex in the bathroom next to my room that ruined it for me (REALLY thin walls), but even then I wouldn't really stay at this hostel again. The location was great to walk to the Old Town and the staff were kind, but the room was 'dank' and 'barely clean' - it was clean, but it didn't seem like it was...

Hostal Rembrandt

Barcelona, Spain

Old family building, other words, my room was TINY and there is no A/C, only a fan.