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Flying Pig Downtown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hostel is pretty cool, the breakfast is awesome, and the location is ok, so i'd definitely go back here.

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Hi there, Thank you so much for the nice review. Great to hear that you enjoyed your stay with us. We hope to see you soon at the Pig. Cheers, The Flying Piggies

Students & Travellers Inn

Athens, Greece

The hostel is well located and the price is just amazing; the breakfast is a small inconvenient, but it was the only one; the staff, specially Cosmina, was just amazing, so helpful and nice person, always open to a conversation, i'd definitely stay again here.

Koala Hostel

Milan, Italy

The location is not that good; the hostel itself is nice but it is a problem that anyone can enter to ur room cus there's no lock in the doors; the room i stayed at had a problem with the heater so I had too much cold at night, the wifi worked only in the common area despite the place is not that large, it is ok for a night or two and that's it.

Emerald Palace

Florence, Italy

The rooms are awesome and so the location, security is pretty good also, the only problem was the kitchen, there was no kitchen just a microwave to use; but everything awesome; just a small tip: don't bring heavy luggage here, too many steps to get to the lobby.

Il Nosadillo

Bologna, Italy

The location is pretty cool, no more than 8min walking from the main square, the hostel itself is pretty nice, like a department and makes u feel comfortable and like home, a bit expensive tho...

L' Imbarcadero

Venice, Italy

The place is small but awesome at the same time, the price was worthy for the breakfast, and i'm serious the breakfast included for me is the most important thing...


I stayed here three times, so I think there's nothing else I can say, if I returned there twice after the first stay is because is pretty good hostel, and English breakfast for €4 in the bar nextdoor is a fair price, but it is a shame that there's no kitchen...

Twins Minbak Hostel

Lucerne, Switzerland

Amazing place to stay, it makes you feel like home, and more if you're corean.

Duo Housing Los Angeles

Los Angeles, USA

At first sight it doesn't look like a hostel, and get inside doesn't help because there's no front desk, but there's always someone from the staff to welcome their guests. It's a pretty nice place to stay, i can even call it home.

Lybeer Travellers' Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

Well, i can't say too much cause they had a problem with room that has been assigned to me, so it wasn't able for me, so they booked me another hostel, one so much better, a bit far, and they paid the difference, also the staff gave me an extra 3 euros to get a great beer in the bar.