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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 23

Sun Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

Great hostel with wonderful staff, good showers and comfortable beds. Loved the Christmas lights in the garden with the snow - the entire place felt like a nice home.

Big Fish Budapest Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

DEAR GOD I LOVE THIS PLACE. Stayed here first in March 2013 and definitely made the right call staying at Big Fish again this time around. Vesna and the staff are a hilarious bunch but very helpful and great at their jobs. The beds are comfortable and the bathrooms squeaky clean, and the location couldn't be better, especially if arriving/departing from Keleti station. 12/10, would always come back here :)

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Thank you darling!!!!


An absolutely lovely place to stay in Podgorica (and a significant improvement on the hostel's old location nearer the bus station). The free breakfast was warm and great, the showers strong and the beds very comfortable. I wouldn't hesitate to stay here again!

Hostel Skadarlija Sunrise

Belgrade, Serbia

Awesome hostel - really clean and AIR CONDITIONING EVERYWHERE! The staff were very friendly and helpful, and the beds were incredibly comfortable. 5-10 minute walk to most sights, 72 bus to the airport, etc.

Hostel Ni�

Nis, Serbia

Convenient location - 2 minutes from the bus station, 5 from the fortress, and comfy beds. The hostel itself wasn't very clean, and the bathrooms smelled a bit odd. Good for a short stop, though.

Hostel Mostel

Sofia, Bulgaria

The hostel attracts the world's most stereotypical "backpackers" and is good for those who like large groups and families disrupting their sleep throughout the night. Pluses include ensuite showers in most rooms, free breakfast and dinner (wooahhhh there, spicy pasta), and the historical building is in and of itself quite cool. I just wasn't a huge fan of the crowds and dirty wood floors, nor of the stray cats jumping through the window as I slept or was eating. Beware the "backpacker trail."

Balkan Hostel

Ruse, Bulgaria

Mark and Mandy are the absolute friendliest hosts and made me feel right at home (even with a pretty nasty bout of food poisoning). The hostel is within walking distance from the train and bus stations, markets and pharmacies. Mark and Mandy are very handy people and rebuilt the house from the ground up... they also grow their own tobacco, tomatoes, plums, pears, onions, garlic, pumpkins, etc., and aren't afraid to share! Definitely a great place for a break between Bucharest and Sofia :)

Doors Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

Pretty nice hostel in a fun neighborhood just south of Piata Unirii. The loft in the six- (turned seven-) bed room was cool, but the neighborhood cats had a tendency to curl up there during the day. Not enough shower availability, and the toilets were often dirty or out of paper. The tent belonging to the tea house outside adds lots of character, and the free concerts in the evenings were fun as well. A bit of a mixed bag - not the greatest place on earth, but it's a nice oasis for Bucharest.

Kismet Dao Hostel

Brasov, Romania

Great hostel located within good walking distance to Brasov city center, Mount Tampa cable car, food, bars, etc. The staff were incredibly friendly and the beds very comfortable. Not as much privacy in the showers as you'd like (no changing area between shower and sinks - just the shower, really - but it's certainly not a detractor. 10 minute bus ride to the train station, as well! I'd definitely stay here again.

Hostel Riad Marrakech Rouge

Marrakech, Morocco

Awesome hostel - free mint tea, coffee and breakfast every day. Linens are changed daily, and if it gets too hot inside, you can sleep under the stars on the roof terrace! I met so many great people here. This place attracts really interesting characters and caters well to solo travelers. Only problems were finding the place the first time (watch the video on their website on how to find it) and the not-so-super bathrooms/showers. I'd love to come again!

Greg & Tom Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Super friendly staff, really know where to point visitors when coming to Krakow. The free dinners are awesome! The room was very clean and had huge lockers for everyone. Great place to stay if you need to get to/from the train and bus stations quickly but don't want to stay right in the very center and want to be able to sleep at night :)

Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

Nice hostel, really good breakfast and lounge area, but the rooms themselves weren't the greatest. Although spacious, the noise from outside and the metal beds really made it hard to sleep well at night. Just go with the understanding that you are in the red light district and bring earplugs! Having lived in Frankfurt earlier, I know the reputation of the area, but it is still much less dangerous than many make it out to be. The proximity to the train station does come as a plus!

Urban Hostel & Apartments

Skopje, Macedonia

Fantastic hostel - good breakfast, beds with privacy screens, HUGE and very clean bathrooms, friendly and accommodating staff, etc. The only problem is the distance to the city center and bus station - about 15-20 minute walk to Macedonia Square and 25-30 to the Old Town, for example. Taxis, however, are very cheap in Skopje, and help make up for the distance somewhat.


Ohrid, Macedonia

Awesome hostel and awesome hosts! The beds were very comfortable, and the free breakfast was certainly appreciated :) It's a bit of a hike to the hostel, but it's so close to everything that there's no need to complain.

Montenegro Hostel Podgorica

Podgorica, Montenegro

The hostel is close to the bus station and about a 10-15 minute walk to the city center (which is really only bars, shops and restaurants). The bed was okay and the room smelled a bit odd, but for a short stay in Podgorica, it was fine. The neighborhood is very safe but hard to navigate.

Hostel Villa Angelina Old Town

Dubrovnik, Croatia

If you're into Dubrovnik and really want to stay there for more than a day, this is a good location, as it is right within the city walls. Either way you go to the hostel (through Pila or Buža gate), there is a hike involved. The rooms are very cramped and a water pipe leading into the water boiler burst, so the floors were a bit messy and there was no hot water to shower with in the morning. The owners, however, are incredibly friendly and make sure their guests have a good time :)

Hostel Heart of Sarajevo

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Awesome, friendly staff and great rakija parties! The beds were pretty comfortable and the shower was decent, as well. The hostel is in the middle of the old city, five minutes from Baščaršija and about 10 from BBI Centar. Only issue is no hot water from midnight to 5am, but that's easy to deal with :)

Split Guesthouse & Hostel

Split, Croatia

I had the absolute best time here - Joško is the best host, really know how to treat his guest well and has the best tips for restaurants (FIFE!!!!), day trips and pretty much anything else you could need. It really felt like I was going home at the end of the day, and the other guests felt exactly the same way. Everything was clean, beds were comfy, no issues with hot/cold water, blablabla :) Thanks for the awesome time, Joško, I'll be back next year w/ more mac and cheese! - "Captain America"

The Wild Fig Hostel

Zadar, Croatia

Fantastic staff - Vanessa, Amanda, Tanita, Nena, George et al. - thank you for all the help and advice! The hostel is really beautiful, rooms and bathrooms clean, nice courtyard to hang out it, and very close to the bus station. The people staying at Wild Fig were also very fun, and I really enjoyed spending time at the hostel even though Zadar is also worth the visit :)

Aston Hostel Rijeka

Rijeka, Croatia

The hostel location was really convenient - right across the street from the train station, but hard to cross the street legally to get there... Croatia. The four-bed room was clean but somewhat cramped, and the noise and smoke from outside was bothersome. Nonetheless, clean and simple. I would recommend this hostel if you need to catch a train or bus early in the morning, but not if you want to hang out and meet new people.

Zeppelin Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Really nice hostel within walking distance of everything - train station, castle, Joe Peña's (!). The staff were very nice and had good recommendations for restaurants and sightseeing, the room was clean and quiet, and free breakfast was a nice touch :) I would definitely stay here again!

Kinlay House Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

Kinlay House is not my kind of hostel - it's really just a place to throw your bags and leave for the day (or nigh)t. I booked a 4 bed dorm, which was cramped and hot and not too clean. The bathrooms are always wet, and there is no privacy in the showers (individual stalls with no changing space or extra curtain to keep your clothes dry). The free breakfast and access to the 747 Airlink bus were definitely pluses, but I wouldn't pay $40 for this again. It has its merits, I just didn't like it.

Big Fish Budapest Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

By far one of the best hostels I've ever stayed at. The staff are super friendly (and know how to cook!), the beds are comfortable, the bathrooms and kitchen are clean - really no reason to complain at all. Big Fish is close to most shops and within walking distance of the popular tourist sights and popular bars in the Jewish quarter. I'll definitely stay here again when I come back to Budapest!

Jacobs Inn

Dublin, Ireland

This is the second time I've stayed at Jacob's Inn, and I still wasn't too impressed. The free breakfast and proximity to Busáras and Connolly Station are helpful, but the rooms aren't too nice, the ensuite showers lack bathmats outside - water all over the floor! - and the common areas are not good for meeting new people. There is only free WiFi in the lobby, which is also a pain. A decent place if you don't care to stick around too long, but definitely not my kind of hostel.

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Sorry you didn't like our hostel too much. Our sister hostel is great for meeting new people. Bath mats aren't too hygienic in dorms as the first person using the shower would probably wet it and it would be unpleasant for the next person taking a shower. We do hope that people just use their towel to dry themselves before getting out of the shower.


Once of the best hostels I've ever stayed at (except for the snoring!). Ieva is a great host and can show you a great time in Riga. It feels almost like going home when you enter - the place is clean, the music is awesome, and the people you meet are incredibly interesting. I would 100% recommend anyone visiting Riga to stay here! Thanks for showing us that brunch place, too :)

Dixo's Oporto Hostel

Porto, Portugal

One of the nicest hostels I've ever been to! The rooms are incredibly clean and spacious (there's even a couch in them!), bathrooms are tidy, and the breakfast was really good. I recommend the walking tour offered daily - the guides are excellent :) My only complaint is that there is no age limit for travelers, as there was a very old man in my room who refused to shut the windows or stop snoring/talking to himself in his sleep...

Funk Hostel

Zagreb, Croatia

Getting to the hostel from the airport isn't the easiest, but the staff are very welcoming and fun (free shots of rakija when you get there!). The rooms are pretty nice, just depends on who you are staying with. There were several stag parties/large groups of loud guys while I was there, and falling asleep wasn't all that easy, but if you're looking to meet some really interesting people and can live with the noise, I would recommend this place. The hostel isn't that close to Old Town, though.

The Monk's Bunk Kaunas

Kaunas, Lithuania

Best hostel experience yet! Viktor knows how to run a hostel :) There were only six people staying in the hostel when I was there, and Sima (Viktor's friend) took us all out partying. The hostel is small and clean, the couches are super comfy, and the location couldn't be better - 10-20 minute walking radius from pretty much everything in Kaunas. I will be staying at the Monk's Bunk in Tallinn next month!