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BlueHi Hostel

Kenting, Taiwan

I admittedly did not have exceedingly high expectations for the hostel prior to arrival as the comments left behind left a lot to be desired in terms of the common area and the location. When I arrived, I found a newly furnished common room with new furniture and a nice TV - testament to the owners willingness to accept criticism and change it into opportunity. Joey and 'Lydia' (I think that's her name) are the highlights of the experience, helping you every day any way they can :) Bravo!

Angels Backpack

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

An extremely clean hostel located a few minutes away from the main MRT station! The two helpers, Sylvia and Pei, have a great amount of enthusiasm for work, which rivals their warmth and hospitality. The only con with the hostel has to do with the common room (ground floor). Hopefully this message will be passed on to the landowner, who will only turn on the AC when a guest decides to chill there. She has to realize that, in Kaoshiung, it will take 10-15 minutes for the room to feel comfortable.

Kim's House in Busan 2nd

Busan, South Korea

Awesome place, Mr. Kim and Julie have excellent facilities. Clean beds, AC in each room and lobby, and towels available for personal use. I will be returning to Korea in a month and will surely book with them upon arrival if I return to Busan!

Nahbi Guest House for Backpackers

Gyeong-ju, South Korea

No customer comment

Jingolmok Guesthouse

Daegu, South Korea

I was supposed to head to Busan but I find myself in the same hostel, 3 days later, writing this review. The previous sentence should sum up how much fun I'm having at Danim Backpackers! It's a great place to chill, not to mention Kazumi (the manager) goes out of her way to make you feel at home!

Ed House (Tripnbed Guesthouse)

Seoul, South Korea

Ryu is an awesome hostel owner! He goes out of his way to show guests places to eat, not to mention, places to drink :)


Sandra was awesome at guiding the guests to every possible location/sight they could think of. She will often accompany you in your travels! Thanks again for taking us to the temple :) I hope they install some high powered AC in the dormitory room, especially for the upcoming summer. Will be returning next month!


If this was a $5 USD/night hostel, I wouldn't mind returning here if I were on a budget. The staff are very warm and friendly and the place is fairly clean. However, there are plenty of hotels you can stay at for 10-20/night. If money is an issue, this is worth a night or two. Otherwise, I'd recommend arriving to Vientiane without a reservation and walk around to find a place. I actually 'checked-out' of the hostel the day I arrived because I found a single room at a hotel for 10/night.

Sunshine Bedz KL

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This is my third time I've been to Sunshine Bedz - for some reason, my experience here gets better and better. I can talk for hours about how great the facilities are or how convenient the location is, but for me, it's the staff and fellow travelers who make this hostel a special place. Patrick, the owner, now has a staff of 4-5, and they all do their best to make each traveler feel like it is their home. I'll be back to Malaysia in due time, and will definitely stay here upon arrival in KL!

Adler Luxury Hostel

Singapore, Singapore

This place should be called a hotel for many reasons. Your own personal bed has a curtain which does wonders to your personal space, while the 24/7 AC in the dorm rooms and lounge area give you a relaxing chill when stepping in after a long walk in the Singaporean heat. The receptionists are extremely informative, helpful, and cheerful. San San would go out of her way to find local delicacies and their address/directions. Will definitely return to this hostel the next time I arrive in SG!

Hostel Bella 269

Santiago, Chile

It's hard to find any fault in this place. New, clean, friendly - it's the total package :)


Reading the reviews on this site, I was expecting a so-so experience based on the overall rating. What I think alot of people forget is that they are reviewing a hostel. This is an excellent hostel, with large beds and very clean facilities. It is also centrally located among the tour agencies so you only need to walk 1 minute to your meeting point prior to embarking on the salt tour. Excellent value for your money!

Cruz de los Andes

La Paz, Bolivia

The booking went off really smoothly. The owner, Julio Medina, gave me tips on which taxis to use and fair prices from the bus terminal. It all went south when I arrived at the hostel. The receptionist said it was fully booked. I assured her I made a reservation through this site. She paused for a moment, undoubtedly to think of an excuse, and said there were 'renovations' being made. An extremely poor excuse. Julio, it's your turn to provide an explanation. Please think carefully this time.

Marlon's House Puno

Puno, Peru

Pros: Clean rooms. The female receptionist is very helpful and has a cheery demeanor. Cons: Intermittent internet connection. The little kid has a hard time with English and seems to shy away if you have any questions or concerns. *Due to each room having only one key, there is a lack of security within the dorm rooms. I believe that admin caught wind of this and assigns each person or group to one room. (hint hint)

Pisko & Soul

Cusco, Peru

I had an amazing time here! Eduador, Diego and Joyell were very hospitable and willing to attend any need i had. i had such a great time i returned after the Machu Picchu trek and brought along a few friends. The breakfast is amazing, so much that i found myself waking up early in the morning to enjoy Eduadors eggs and bread with avocado dip :) will definitely return to this hostel when i come back!


Pros: The staff. The owner actually brought us out to show us his favourite burger joint. Even more, he would help out with any question you have about his beloved city. I was very impressed by his enthusiasm and passion for Lima and the whole of Peru. Cons: The facilities. Since the owner was extremely generous and helping to me, I felt it was my duty as a backpacker to make a mention that I wish his facilities were on par with his hospitality. Overall: I'd come back just for the staff!

Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel

Medellin, Colombia

There are good hostels that I have stayed at while travelling around. The fact that I am actually writing a review (I'm lazy) speaks volumes to my experience at the Happy Buddha. The facilities are extremely well kept (change of sheets every day and what seems like constant cleaning), extremely friendly staff, and one of the coolest owners (John) who will gladly sit down with you to have a glass of beer. Recommended to everyone!

Sunshine Bedz KL

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What makes this hostel special is not the cleanliness or the central location but the people :) I've already recommended friends and fellow travelers about this place and will continue to do so!

Peking Yard Hostel

Beijing, China

No customer comment