Reviews: Anonymous

Smart Russell Square Hostel

London, England

All around good. One point of constructive criticism: educate the staff on how to tell tourists directions by using a map. This includes circling cool places to visit on the map, locating the hostel on the map, and explaining how to get from point A to B by *drawing a line on the map*. Advise is too oral-based in the UK, as compared to other European countries I've travelled to.


Barcelona, Spain

I thought there was a great environment. Ive noticed a LOT of complaints about the cleanliness, but personally, I found parts of the place to be very clean. Like the toilets, showers, the things we use are clean. But these clean things contrast with the disgusting things. The walls+the ceiling NEED cleaning, the windows NEED cleaning, everything visible and dusty.. you just dont feel like touching anything. One euro for the sheets was necessary because I didnt want the blanket to touch my skin.