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Egali Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Location and cost-benefit are great. The place is very clean. The hostel is more like a hub for brazilian ESL students (maybe 80% of the hosts), so dont expect to see many travellers there. The shower is really weird (you cant control the temperature and you have to keep pushing a buttom to get water flowing).

Jeri Hostel Arte

Jericoacoara, Brazil

A few things that make it one of the least favorable options in Jeri. -It's as far as it can be from the beach. (not critical because Jeri is very small) -The common area is very small and right by some dorms, so it becomes hard for any interaction -Toillets were dirty (might have been bad luck - that depends also on the guests). -To switch off the night lamp (purple) you had to turn off the fan (same switch). -A couple runs the place, the guy is very nice, the lady, not very helpful at all.

Bada Hostel

Cumbuco, Brazil

Bada is great place, with a fantastic outside area. Staff is very nice, and so were the people staying there (been there twice). Safety doesn't seem to be an issue at all.

Hostel & Pousada Casa Coco Verde

Jericoacoara, Brazil

It's a very relaxed and welcoming place. The people who were there were very nice. The owner, Angela, makes sure everything is perfect during your stay: horseback rides, kitesurfing, best places to eat and to go out, and whatever else you need! Do not miss the sunset from the dunes!

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

No customer comment

Stay Inn Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

No issues at all. Nice staff.


One of best stays i've had for a long time! Nice staff, nice people, plenty of toillets and all of them very clean. Only annoying thing are the beds. The top bed is too low, so whoever is on bottom cant really move (feels more like a box than a bed). And the rooms sometimes get pretty hot and the fan doesn't reach all beds.

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Nice hostel, nice staff. Overall, everything was great, except that the room smelled and it was hard to keep the toilet dry.