Reviews: Anonymous

Riad Massin

Marrakech, Morocco

Stayed in the second building - it was practically empty when I stayed so it was nice and quiet. Very nice beds and clean overall. The staff is unbelievably helpful and the location is also commendable. I too initially had trouble locating this place, but 1) ask around 2) wander around for a bit - walk from Bab Doukkala into the medina and the little street enlarges into a wider street; take the right and wander around. Loved it so much that I came back after the desert trip.

Tangier Melting Pot Hostel

Tangier, Morocco

Very clean and good beds. However, know that this is not a small hostel. Often quite noisy, and people everywhere all the time. Lockers were a nice touch. Wifi is often patchy. Location is right in the medina - look for the signs on the walls! The staff was very helpful!

Christina's House Asilah

Assilah, Morocco

Very very clean, quiet, helpful, everything you can ask for in Asilah. Extremely convenient location, though it is slightly hidden. One of my best experiences in Morocco. Christina is extremely accommodating and nice. MOST DEFINITELY stay here!

Aline Hostel

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Good value for money, though the dorm room on the terrace gets loud due to people smoking right outside the door. However, this was the only problem I had with this hostel. The second floor was quite nice and quiet. The owner was very nice. The bathrooms were kept quite clean. Good place to crash for a night or two.

Dar Lalla Kenza

Fez, Morocco

Just right near one of the gates to the medina. The rooftop terrace has an amazing view of the medina - one of the best I've seen in Morocco. Room was a little damp and cold, but didn't mind it so much because it counteracted the hot weather. Clean and quiet. Ben will go out of his way to help you in every way! However, I've heard not so good reviews about his 'recommended' tours due to its pricing and quality. This hostel is just perfect, and would definitely stay again. Do not hesitate!