Reviews: marianda

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 41

Banana Bungalow San Diego

San Diego, USA

I stay here for a week every summer...the location is perfect for the beach, the boardwalk, night life, store, can't beat is more of a coed party hostel, so know that ahead of time...but it is up to your to join in the beer pong and pub crawls or not....I personally love the mornings on the deck before everyone else is up and the music gets turned on...but that's just me :)


great hostel! best rooms i have ever stayed in...loved the personal fans, lights and curtain covers....plenty of restrooms that were nice and clean...big social free breakfast ever for a hostel with eggs, fruit, etc....loved the tours which with a big city like Seattle was so handy to see all the sights and make new friends...the location was perfect being right at Pike's Market...LOVED IT

Banana Bungalow San Diego

San Diego, USA

the Banana Bungalow has always been my stop for years now whenever i just want to chill at the beach. right on the beach, no need for a car with bars, the boardwalk, the grocery store all right there...i sit every morning on the deck and eat, journal, read and just take in the ocean view that's right in front of me. The people that work there are always friendly and the place looks even cooler now with an artist working there. It can get rowdy, once thursday hits through thru weekend.

HI Austin

Austin, USA

great location...the spaghetti dinner night was awesome! a bike and bike around the lake (they will come pick you up!) ...wish there was a nicer set up outside, but only complaint...had plenty of hang out space, games, books, etc...great place to mingle and meet people....