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Good as every other k's ...but position is not good at all...too far from stations...

Yume Nomad

Kobe, Japan

Very strange hostel...but very nice atmosphere! the staff was super gentle...we had a health problem..they came with us at the hospital to help with language.. and they moved us to private room withought overprice just to make us more confortable. The most gentle staff i have ever met! thanks again

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Hello Fabio, I couldn't send a reply from Marco (or maybe you) though we got an e-mail. That's nice he turned to be fine:) Thank you for your notice&staying with us!! Bunn Cafe Manager at Hostel YUME NOMAD

Fukuoka Hana Hostel

Fukuoka City, Japan

Good hostel..helpful staff! good choiche i think just not exist elevator..with heavy baggage might be a problem...

SPA Hostel Khaosan Beppu

Beppu Spa City Oita, Japan

Not clean....many things broken...also washlets didn't work...staff can't talk english very well


ks is always good hiroshima was good too! very nice atmosphere and friendly staff


ks is always a good choiche rooms and kitchens are great !


Very good position and friendly staff a lot of showers and clean washlets...

Kawaguchi-ko Station Inn

Mount Fuji, Japan

The hostel is very expensive..and not offer many services...can’t use kitchen and washing machines and dryers are poor...just expensive ’cos  the good position and near fuji...

Oak Hostel

Tokyo, Japan

Oak is a very good choiche for me..i like the place i like the staff.. jut the weak points are kitchen...and laundry...booth are a bit poor..if they improve would be perfect!

Oak Hostel

Tokyo, Japan

I stayed at oak all my 3 trips in Tokyo...this would be enough to understand that my opinion is good. Best points are positions, staff, rooms (expecially the japanese style are very cute!). The only bad points of oak are the kitchen..too little and not very clean....the presence of only one dryer and washing machine (not enough and the dryer doesn't work very well.) and the absence of common rooms...but for its price i think it's ok..i still think the good points overcome bad points.

Guest House Pongyi

Kanazawa, Japan

Very very cute hostel!..Yuko -san and Maru-san are fantastic! I felt like at home. And The hostel is 100 year old building..ex-kimono shop...teh double room is traditional style and very nice. Wonderful place to stay in Kanazawa. I reccomend it. Ciao from Italy

Guesthouse Tennoji

Osaka, Japan

The male dorm is fantastic! is traditiona style! The bathrooms and showers have a strange disposition...and the hostel is developed on two floors..withpught elevator..but the style is really nice and the staff helpful! i reccomend it! Probably not best position to stay in Osaka..but the hostel is near tennoji station so is quite ok for its price. Ciao from Italy


Is good hostel..i stayed there twice..i felt always ok! ^_^ Best things are kitchen and other common rooms! staff is helpful but a bit formal..but just a little detail! So i definitely reccomend it! Ciao from Italy