Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Germany, Gender: Male, Age: 37


Guatemala City, Guatemala

The owner organized a pub tour and went with us. The hostel itself was quiet. Really amazing was that the girl at the counter wrote down for at least 20 minutes some tips for guatemala while I waited for the shuttle service to Antigua. I didn't ask for that, she offered that by herself.

Backpackers Nirvana

Mombasa, Kenya

Very friendly girl at the reception, nice rooftop terrace, they recommended me a safari guy, safari was good, regrettably very bad matresses in the dorm (they are planning to change it - at least they said)


Lamu, Kenya

The owner is most of the time around, he is a very friendly guy, explained everything to me (good restaurants, cheap restaurants, where to buy things, etc.), I booked a sunset dhow trip at the hostel, it is probably a little more expensive than the cheapest price at the waterfront, but you get good service and a safe trip. I met people who were ripped off at the waterfront by some beach boys.

Hotel Embassy

Nairobi, Kenya

I arrived in Nairobi at 2pm and had to leave the next morning but wanted to see something of the city center. For this purpose the hotel is a good choice. Nothing special but altogether ok.

Astor Queensway

London, England

Everything was good, except the staff... they were perfect - very very friendly and helpful. Thanks!

Oliver St. John Gogarty

Dublin, Ireland

Good hostel, perfekt location in the center of Temple Bar (of course not absolutely quiet), the next time in Dublin I will stay there again

Hostel River

Plzen, Czech Republic

The room was renovated and clean, only the Bath light did not work properly. When we arrived (6 p.m.) the rezeptionist was friendly but it smelled like he had some alcohol before. The most disturbing thing was, that some of the corridor lights didnt work (absolutly dark stairs at night) and the ground corridor smelled bad, when we passed it at night and in the morning (it smells like someone drunk is lying somewhere, but there was no one). Altogether is was ok, because the room was good.

Freedom Traveller

Rome, Italy

Rooms in Rome are very expensive. Freedom Traveller is ok, but nothing special. I liked the night porter, who gave us very good tips for Rome.


Checkin was unorganised, the receptionist knew nothing of our booking and the deposit we made and asked for the whole price. After talking to the manager (he checked hostelworld) everything was clear and we got one additional breakfast for free (we arrived early the first day). The staffs seemed little motivated and was not very customer friendly even though not unfriendly (the snorkeling-rental-staff was very friendly). It's such a pity, because the location is really great. Anyway I'd go back

Jordan Tower Hostel

Amman, Jordan

Everyone was absolutely friendly and helpful - cleaning stuff and reception. I felt very welcome and there is a good atmosphere. In my opinion there is just one thing that is solved not good: The shower is together with the toilet in one room and the water doesn't flow away very good. Because of that some people leave the room with a wet floor (not nice if you wanna use the toilet after). But the stuff is drying these rooms often. They helped me to get a cheap rental car.

Soul Kitchen

St Petersburg, Russia

At hostelworld it's just my second review but I have been to a lot of hostels before. And: this one was the best ever... and there is a big gap to the one at the second place. It's like someone was travelling around, recalled the best things he had seen and put them all together in one hostel: Soul Kitchen Junior. It's clean, has lot's of space, has everything you need and the beds are fantastic (big, with curtains). And the stuff ist so so great: absolutely and sincerely friendly and helpful.

Nova House

Moscow, Russia

I think it's more a private appartment than a regular (whatever that means) hostel. So if you want to explore a little how it is, to life in Moscow or like an Moscow resident, it's a very good place to stay. The owner is very friendly, everything is uncomplicated and the rooms are ok. There is a housecat which is very afraid of thunderstorms.