Reviews: Anonymous

Transylvania Hostel

Cluj Napoca, Romania

I really enjoyed the week I spent getting to know all the super friendly staff. The hostel was always cleaned and had big comfy rooms. Always willing to show you around or recommend good places to eat and drink!! Definitely in an excellent location right where everything is in town.


This was a very well thought out and well run hostel. Everything is provided for and had an excellent stay. Definitely check this place out when you come to Vienna!

X Hostel Alicante

Alicante, Spain

I only initially planned a few days in alicante .. I had no idea what there was to do and figured I would see it all and be ready to move on quickly. This is a very clean and happy little hostel.. we had lots of fun and everything went smoothly. The wifi was great in my room and found plenty of space to relax on the couch with a beer or in the warm days up on the roof terrace (soon to be hippest bar in the area).. i came knowing nobody but left with memories of friends and laughter. Stay here.

Argyle Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

We only stayed for the one night and unfortunately for my partner and I got a twin instead of a double (but this was entirely my own fault - a result of booking too many things late at night) .. the hostel was well located close to the city centre and near some ok little eateries as well as reasonable parking out front. The room was small and feeling a little dated as well as the bathroom which is separate from the toilet. We had no real issues with the place, it was a good place close to city.

Fort William Backpackers

Fort William, Scotland

we only stayed for one night but the hostel felt comfortable, we cooked up a big meal .. unfortunately the oven needs to be held closed with a wooden spoon but thats about the only real thing we had a problem with here. it is well located in fort william for a night or two.

Backpackers Plus

Oban, Scotland

overall this was a fantastic hostel, it had all the small things most backpackers / hostels forget.. no real complaints, one thing to be aware of was the mens bathroom was out of commission while we were there but wasnt a issue. It had a fun chill out room but could be a problem for people wanting to sleep particularly early as the noise can be heard a bit but the rooms , staff and location made up for these little shortfalls.

Alba Hostel Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland

Overall this was a basic , average hostel .. the wifi was super fast and the rooms weren't bad, but the bathroom was dirty and the room hadnt' been cleaned properly before we were moved in. I didnt mind so much but my gf told the staff kindly and they apologised but between check in and check out they hadnt come back to rectify the mess. I wouldnt stay more than a night or two, definitely helps if you have a car while here too.


Had an amazing stay at this hostel and decided to get my own place and stay in Phuket. Hostel was a bit of a pain to find on a sunday as the bar down stairs is closed that day but once inside the staff never ceased to be helpful and friendly. The rooms are big and clean and modern. The wi-fi was great and location was only 150m from Kata beach. There are local markets and plenty to keep you busy outside of Patong. Highly recommend staying here away from the hustle and bustle of crazy Patong.

Tin Tong Backpacker Hostel

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The hostel was in a good location, it is a very small hostel which I like but it wasnt set out very well. Basically its just a guys small apartment with a couple of bunk beds in the living room. The facilities were poor and not well explained. I think its a cheap and easy hostel in a very 'local' part of old kowloon.

Wada Hostel in Guilin

Guilin, China

im glad the helpful staff came to collect us personally from the train station, i'd not had any sleep from the train from chengdu and was exhausted so catching a bus was tricky. the hostel is nice and clean and beds pretty good. drinks are quite expensive as far as hostel's go and the food wasn't bad. Overall its a nice clean decent place with good staff.


We arrived late on a friday night and had LOTS of trouble finding the hostel , its actually not signposted and all the streets are one way with no parking. Was pleasantly surprised with how respectful and curtious my fellow room mates were with general noise etc considering the music was loud until after 1am and the road works were directly outside the window. Overall, an OK hostel in a very good location right in centre of town. Good for partying.