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Istanbul, Turkey

A good choice, one of the best hostels in which I've stayed anywhere in Europe. Good location and helpful staff, clean and pleasant surroundings, a definitely above-average breakfast. It's a cheerful and personable place. My only (tiny) criticism....a coffee maker would be nice (the place relies on instant, which I abhor); and a microwave oven in the kitchen would be useful. Otherwise, full marks, and my thanks to the staff for their considerable efforts in making my stay a pleasant one.

Green Frog Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

2nd time I've stayed here, and again I was pleased. The chatelaine, Roxanne, is genuinely concerned with your welfare and your experience of Bucharest, and seems willing to do anything in her power to help you enjoy your stay. It's a bit like staying with a favorite aunt :-). Clean, comfortable surroundings, quiet, laid-back atmosphere, and a good breakfast. The place can be a bit difficult to find, especially at night.

Luxembourg City Hostel

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

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