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JV's Hostel

Taipei, Taiwan

No customer comment

Casa 579

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Amazing view, great breakfast, sympathetic staff... I really enjoy Casa 579 and I can rommend this hostel without hesitation.

Black Cat Hostel

Asuncion, Paraguay

I don't have hot shower in this hostel, and the breakfast was not so good (no juices or fruits...) Staff does his job, but does't really helps you to have fun. Having said that, I precise that I can't compare with other hostels in Asuncion cause this is the only one I try.

Favela Chic Hostel

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

I don't have hot shower every morning in this hostel, and the breakfast is not that great, cause you don't have juices or fruits. Having said that, the excellent atmosphere ans the sympathy of the staff compensate for this inconveniences and I shall recommend this hostel.

City Hostel

Kaunas, Lithuania

Excellent accueil, chambres propres, et le propriƩtaire est plus qu'adorable. Grand confort, ambiance sympathique... Excellente adresse !!!