Reviews: michaelklein

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 31

Hemingway's Hostel

Heidelberg, Germany

This hostel is well-located, but the WLAN did not work from our room on the second floor. The room was OK in appearance and cleanliness, but very small. The combination restaurant/hostel means that you need to go into the restaurant to get service, and often must wait a while since there's just one person responsible for both serving food and taking care of the hostel guests. Credit cards are not accepted, so be sure to have enough cash on you when paying. On the whole "OK", not great.

Steffi┬┤s Hostel Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Germany

The staff here is very friendly and the rooms are plenty spacious. It's also really nice to have a kitchen and a lounge, and the breakfast is cheap (3 Euros) and decent. The overall ambiance (with the exception of the industrial elevator leading to the entrance) is really nice and it's very easy to meet people. On the whole I would recommend this to any budget traveler.