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Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 24

Lazy Gaga Hostel

Guangzhou, China

Amazing hostel. Amazing vibe, amazing location, clean facilities, friendly staff. Loved this place, thanks guys!

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Warmest hug!! Thank you Shirely! We couldn't say enough THANK YOU!

La Casa Hostel

Zhuhai, China

Super friendly staff. Thank you guys so much for your patience in hosting me and my crazy family for a one night stopover. Really appreciate the hospitality! Loved this place, the decorations, ambience, etc. Great chilled out vibe, clean, new facilities. Glad to see a decent hostel in Zhuhai!

Now Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan

Beautiful hostel, love the ambience and decor. Very clean. A bit hard to find since there were no signs - this was probably my biggest complaint. Other than that, wonderful hostel, and will for sure stay here again.

Mundo Hostel

Krakow, Poland

One of the best hostel's I've stayed at. Most delicious breakfast. Beautiful decorations. Top-condition facilities. Friendly staff. Great lounge with books, games, everything you need for the perfect backpacker environment.

Nubian Oasis Hotel

Aswan, Egypt

Nice common area/lobby. Friendly staff. Good for booking tours without feeling like you're getting scammed. No hostels in Aswan as of review date, so this is the best option.

Granada Inn Backpackers

Granada, Spain

Leo and Rebecca are awesome people who remembers you and the conversation you had! (i'm surprised b/c there were quite a few people at the hostel) I can't believe this place has only been open for 3 weeks! New up and coming hostel in Granada. good breakfast (with fruit!), really cool giant open-patio-like thing in the middle, free computers, lounge, and super helpful, friendly staff. it's the place to be.


pretty awesome. chain hostel, but not too much of the overly-big hostel feel. love the terrace and pool up top, great for those scorching hot nights. best place to meet people thanks to their huge kitchen, eating area, lounge with free computers, terrace, pool, bar... my only complaint is that it's kind of annoying how they keep bothering you every 10 min about their not-worth-it tours

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Thank you for your comments Shirley!! Every 10 min? We take note about that and try to be not so active. We are always trying you to enjoy your stay with us, and maybe sometimes we shouldn't insist so much. I'm happy to know that you liked the Hostel, our terrace, pool, kitchen.. that's good!! Many thanks for your comments and have a nice Summer!!!

Oleaje Playa

San Sebastian, Spain

THIS IS NOT A HOSTEL. but the owner is funny with tips for the city, place is extremely cheap, you're in san sebastian. viola. internet is added 1.50euro/whole day, but if you just need it for 1hr, you can get free internet by the govt bldg (i forget the name, something german) by the beach. also use of kitchen is an added 1.50/day and no breakfast. but no complaints because that's what we were expecting.

Ivanhoe Hostel

Rome, Italy

great party atmosphere and random nights (like free spaghetti dinner night), but everything seemed for business and you don't get the home-away-from-home vibe that hostels are supposed to provide (daily lockout from 11am-4pm to "clean", no siesta for you). also, no designated area for baggage and stuff means your baggage gets moved around from one corner of the kitchen to the other quite a bit --- freak out moment. the location is excellent, but i don't think i'd stay here again.

Budapest Bubble

Budapest, Hungary

oh bubbles. there's absolutely nothing bad to say. and Olga knows all (the good places to go out). they are super friendly and will even let you crash on an empty bed (if there is one) if you get there early after an overnight and really need some rest. how welcoming is that?

Hostel Heart of Sarajevo

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

very very clean, awesome lounge with free computers to use and super comfy couches and there's a kitchen. by far the best one in sarajevo. the directions to get there needs to be better (simply saying go in the direction of hotel europa is very vague), even though it actually wasn't that hard to get to. be sure to ask the tram driver to warn you of the tram stop since there are no signs.

City Walls Hostel

Dubrovnik, Croatia

shout out to Kat and Marija for being such awesome people. great hostel, very clean, and a home away from home. the location is perfect, right near the "hole in the wall" in the old town. they give good recommendations for food and nights out. it was nice being back in a real hostel environment after big hostel chains in western europe. best hostel.

St Christopher's Berlin

Berlin, Germany

big chain hostel but no kitchen, no laundry service, no printer, and no germany/berlin travel books! very good breakfast though

Flying Pig Downtown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

check-in was extremely late. i think it took until 3 or 4 pm for them to set up a bed. not ideal if you took an overnight. good location. needs to have more staff or more efficient staff. there's always a huge line and it takes forever.

The Hostal Tierramar

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

We were only here for a day before embarking on our hiking trip, but this place was awesome! So very very clean, friendly staff, very nice breakfast, and of course right by beach. There's a pool table by the bar too. It's right by the bus station (1.50euros to city, 2.50euros to airport) but the beachside location (Playa de Palma) is the best. For a budget backpacker, this is it.

Hostel Waka Waka, Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco

Best hostel in Marrakech. The more animated owner, Yaya, sings and plays guitar quite well (when he's sober anyway). Great fun. True hostel atmosphere. TIP ON GETTING THERE FROM AIRPORT: Take Bus 19 (30dr) and walk like you know where you're going! --cheapest option and fast too! Café argon is closed, but the roads start at the big corner of the Square (look for a pharmacy) behind all the yummy orange juice stands. My only complaint is that the wifi didn't work at the time


Brussels, Belgium

The owner is the best! He can answer all your questions, great recs for yummy local Belgian food, chocolate tour, bars, basically anything. The hostel itself was GORGEOUS. The room was well-decorated, lovely bathroom, and very comfy bed. Decent breakfast (great time to meet people), free water & coffee anytime. As for location, it's very close (>5min walk) to Louise metro station and not a long walk to the center either (20min). For a chocolate lover, it's 5-10min walk to Zaabar and Sablon sq

Purple Nest Hostel Valencia

Valencia, Spain

wifi doesn't work outside of common room, and even then it was really slow (could not even properly upload facebook pics).

Siam Journey Guesthouse

Bangkok, Thailand

close to airport, RCA, and Siam center where all the new stuff is. Super fun, wish I could have gone out with the group. Awesome new hostel. Could use some more decor.

YHA Bangkok Downtown

Bangkok, Thailand

Dirty, toilet didn't flush, no blanket, no towels, poor staff. Computer costs more than internet cafe and staff won't even let you borrow the phone. Breakfast has time limit till 10am, but the food runs out pretty quick and no plates or napkins to put bread on. Also if you miss your "arrival time" by ">2hrs (i was 5 secs out of that limit due to flight delay, not my fault!)", they won't take your deposit and charge you for a more expensive room. For 300b, there are much better hostels around.

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"toilet didn't flush" = for the shared toilet which we made it clean 3 times a day but it's hard to control after that if some other guests didn't flush it or make it dirty // "No towels" = we have free use of towel for every guests who stay in private room and also for someone in dormitory "if they asked us nicely" // "Staff won't even let you borrow the phone" = we do not think some hostel wil let you borrow their phone to make international call including us but if you make a local call it's ok // For our "light breakfast" if it's runs out you can tell our staff to top it up becuase they have to be in the reception so they can't take care of it every minutes // Your delay was almost 3 hrs and someone is waiting to take over your bed but anyway, we transfer your deposit to the other room and your room was 4 bed dormitory which cost just THB 50 more than your original room.

Bodega Phuket

Phuket, Thailand

the best thing on patong beach. awesome people, loads of fun and the most delicious smoothies!


bed sheets could be cleaner, but great atmosphere (love the room arrangements), fun at night, nicest staff, highly recommend.

Sunshine Bedz KL

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

this hostel was awful. no just kidding. clean, fun, and most importantly run by the best people in KL. it's a hostel for backpackers by backpackers for sure.

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We'll miss you Miss Little Hilarious. Its great people like you that make the hostel lively and fun. Patrick Sunshine Bedz

River City Inn

Singapore, Singapore

awesome location, only a few minutes walk to Clarke Quay/river/boat quay (nightlife spot) and only 15min WALK to MBS! also 30sec away from metro/gigantic mall, and there's a 7-eleven right across the street. very comfy inside, love the lounge. henry & staff are super friendly.

Hong Kong Hostel

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

No AC in common area, but great place to meet people. the rooms are a bit dodgy but so are the rest in HK. definitely the best for location and number of people who stay.