Reviews: Anonymous

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Berlin, Germany

We had a private room. The room was clean, and was cleaned daily, if you desired. The bathroom was shared and it is cleaned twice a day. The staff is okay. They seemed annoyed by people sometimes, but the place is like a factory. Many people coming in and out. They make you wear bracelets, which is annoying. It is to identify if you stay at the hostel. A good location, the U Bahn will get you to all the good places. Two stops from Alexanderplatz. Overall food.

Charles Bridge Economic Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Great place to stay. The location is great. It is near all the best sites and it on a beautiful cobble stone street right next to the Charles Bridge. Great value for your money, and the staff is very informative. They also serve as a tourist information center, so they know Prague very well. I would recommend this hostel highly. Warm water, clean, great atmosphere, and a cool black cat to boot a reception. And there is always free coffee, tea, and water.


Good if you are young and want to meet people and party. I was with my girlfriend, we were able to find privacy I'm a 3 person dorm. I've come to realize that I'm too old for the party life. The facilities are clean, hot water, free internet, staff is helpful. The hostel is larger than I'd like, but as I said before If I was in my late teens or early 20's I'd have a blast here.

Pal's Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Great hostel. It was nice to have a private room to spend time with my girlfriend. Room was large, bed was comfortable. The bathroom was clean and shower amazing. The location is great, it is on the Pest side near all the good sites, and it's a nice walk or quick bus ride to the Budapest side. Transport in Budapest is wonderful. The hostel has a lot of information on what to do in Budapest. We interacted with three staff members. One young girl was extremely helpful, one woman was quite cold.

Doors Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

Comfortable place to sleep, warm water, it's Bucharest, so it is a good place to stay.