Reviews: Anonymous

Vallarta Sun Hostel

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Great location. Very friendly staff. I did not speak any Spanish but the staff were still very nice. Only downside is that there is no free breakfast but for the value it was well worth staying there. You can actually get sleep at this hostel and the pool was great.


A very nice hostel. I liked most how clean it was. The location was also good as it was only a few blocks from the beach and there was a market right down the street if you didn't want to eat at a restaurant. If you want to get to the other miami beach attractions however you will have to take a short cab or bus (its about a 40 min walk to south beach). I would definitely stay here again.

Ocean Blue Hostel

Miami, USA

Right on ocean drive! I would stay again.

Hostel Beautiful 2

Rome, Italy

Great location. Free wi-fi only in designated rooms. Sketch elevator. I would stay here again.


It felt like someones nice loft they turned into a hostel. The nicest hostel i've ever stayed in. Good location and you can get some sleep. Not really a party hostel but a very clean hostel. The staff were helpful.

Living Cat's Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Great party hostel. Villa style set up. Good location.