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Mavi Guesthouse

Istanbul, Turkey

The hostel is very small, but is right in the center of old city. All rooms for 6,4,3 are extremly small, you can barely stand there with other guests. We've booked 3 people room which is actualy room with 2 double beds (fourth person can stay for free in this room O_O) and there were no windows. Wi-fi is available only on the first floor in the small room, nor on other floors or in cafe outside the hostel. Anyway large room for 18th people is very cool and cheap. You should probably stay there.

Brussels Hello Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

An average overcrowded hostel. Lived in 8-people room. Someone stole my towel just from the bed when I was sleeping (sick!). The place is very overcrowded especially during weekends. Four of five showers are actually small cubicles like the ones that nazis used to gas jewish people. On the first floor there is a really great bar with a lot of different beers and cocktails. But the music from it is very loud and you can hear it in the night. Hard to get to the center by foot - 3 stops by metro


Brussels, Belgium

Definitely best place to stay in Brussels. The location is very good for walking around, there are several bars around, metro station, it's not far away from palace de Justice, the distrinct around palace de Justice is very nice and there are lot of shops near Louis station. The overal I would say that it is the only place in Brussels where you will feel like if you was staying in Brugge. Very charming and nice. The breakfast is memorable.

Party Train

St Petersburg, Russia

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