Reviews: jlgraff

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 28

St Christopher's Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Standard chain with a bar. However, it was clean, lively, and really central with a metro station literally right outside the door. They kick you out of the common room and couch chill out area at about 1 am though (depending on who is working) which is both unfortunate and odd. Beds are reasonably comfortable and curtains and charging stations in the bunks are a nice addition.

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Dear Jessica, during the Week we close the Bar around 1 am. At the weekend we stay open longer of course. But that doesn´t mean that you cant access the Bar/Common Room Area at all. Of course if you like to use the free Wifi f. ex. at Night you are welcome to do so. Have a good Day & kindest Regards from the St. Christophers Team Berlin.

Amstel House Hostel

Berlin, Germany

This was a very nice, clean, modern building. The problem was that it really had no soul. There were very few people who were not either around 14 or 45 there, and so it was a lonely place to be a solo traveler. There isn't really a good common area. The staff is either very kind and really lovely or very annoyed that you are there, depending on who is working. The pillows are also the saddest things I've seen, like they had only ever heard of a pillow and never seen a real one before...

Hi 5 Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

I loved this place. Truth be told I did not want to leave. My three night stay turned into 10 nights and I STILL didn't want to go. The staff is too fun, everyone hangs out together every night. It is the perfect blend of wild party nights and super chill day times. This hostel is the most at home I have felt in years (including in my own home). Best hostel ever. I'll be back Hi 5!


Clean large hostel. Seems good for groups of young people. Since it is such a large hostel it is harder to actually hang out with anyone if you are traveling on your own. Great location though. Would be nice if the elevator worked and if there were more showers.

Hostel Pastoral

Nice, France

Really nice small hostel. The staff is really sweet and family oriented. The kitchen area is nice and since there are fridges in each room you actually have room for your food. The beach is about a half hour away and everything is nice and clean. Also relatively quiet.


The WiFi is in and out all over the hostel, you can't just check your email in the bar area without ordering anything. I had a blast there but as a woman traveling alone there are a bunch of super creepy touchy men all over the hostel due to the neighborhood, the bar, and the club down stairs. Curtains on the beds are nice though.


Ah the creepiness of the weird men at the bar in the hostel, continuously harassing any woman alone or with other women, the grabby men in the dance hall downstairs from the hostel, the internet that only works in the bar coupled with the fact that you can't be in the bar space unless you order something... However at least a few of the staff are really sweet (and apologetic if you get a really creepy roommate) and will kick drunken grabby idiots out of the bar space. Better to go with friends.

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

Most of the staff was helpful but when the shower started flooding one of the girls at the counter was super rude to me and made me go back to my room to double check that it kept flooding before she would find someone to fix it. The place is nice and clean though and they did fix the shower right away.

Amsterdam Hostel Orfeo

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I enjoyed my stay here and meet some really cool people. The hostel is in kind of a weird neighborhood and looks pretty sketchy but is in a pretty good place for exploring Amsterdam. The staff is really sweet and sort of bored during the day so chat with them because they are pretty cool guys. Don't eat in the neighborhood that the hostel is in (I got food poisoning).


This hostel doesn't really feel like a hostel which could be a good or bad thing. Rooms are pretty clean, staff is very helpful. There isn't really a good place to socialize because the "bar" is too huge and there are so many kids groups (like school groups) that the atmosphere is a bit of a combination between hotel, hostel, and high school. I lucked out and had cool roommates, otherwise I wouldn't have met anyone. Good place to stay though. Location seems sketchier than it is.

Hatters on Newton Street

Manchester, England

This hostel was a bit dirty, dust bunnies everywhere, lots of mold in the bathrooms. However the staff was exceptional, friendly, helpful, and seemingly happy to help and even give personal recommendations of places they loved in the area (and not just in the city). The staff is really what make this place. Breakfast is fine and the free WiFi is good.

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Thanks for your review and comments!! Glad you enjoyed your day out of the city, and it was such great weather to see Derbyshire! For advice on what to do, just come to reception, and we will always try to plan the perfect day for you!! Hope to see you back here again sometime, at Hatters Manchester!

Caledonian Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

Some parts of this hostel are nicer than others. Also some members of staff are really great and some just seem really grumpy. The bathrooms are clean but the breakfast dishes are sometimes really dirty. The lockers don't actually work in all parts of the hostel. But overall it is a pretty good hostel especially since it is so huge.

Lagan Backpackers

Belfast, Northern Ireland

This hostel has the best breakfast of any hostel I have ever stayed at. The gentleman who runs the place is kind and even remembered my name one day to the next. Very clean place. I would stay there again for sure.


Great location, really great. For a chain it has really good atmosphere as well. Close to tube, market, and river. Overall a really great stay.


This was a fine little place to rest for a night before going on to other things. It is the type of place where you want to bring your shower shoes because the bathrooms and showers are not so beautiful. But over all there are worse places to rest your head for a night. The staff is super friendly and enthusiastic about showing you ways to get around town (which is nice because it is a confusing city as far as walking, busing, etc.).

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We are very glad that you have enjoyed your stay! The bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned twice daily, and tidied up during shifts. We hope you visit us again!

Living Cat's Hostel

Madrid, Spain

No customer comment

Las Musas Hostel

Madrid, Spain

No customer comment

Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

This was a good hostel, the rooms were clean, there was a cool rooftop bar with a view of the Acropolis, it was a fun place to meet people, but what really made this hostel stick out for me was the staff. They were helpful, friendly, and actually seemed interested in talking to the people staying at the hostel. Walter and the other staff members made me feel really welcome which is rarer for hostels. If I could give the staff a higher review I would. Thanks guys.


Athens, Greece

Breakfast was nice, the rooms were clean, I ended up hanging out at another hostel though where the atmosphere was a little more laid back. The staff was very mixed, there was one woman who was friendly but another one of the staff members was pretty rude, she didn't even check the computer when I asked if there were any more beds available, she just said no, but when I walked down the stairs and checked online 30 seconds later there were a couple of openings. She should at least have checked.

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

This is an odd one. Fun party scene, great people, but nowhere to hang out and be chill really. I had two totally different experiences with the rooms though. Stayed in two different rooms, first one was clean, nice, good character, good window/ airflow, second one was dodgy, smelled horrible, had a tiny window, the bed squeaked and seemed like it wanted to tip over and I weigh 100 pounds or 45.4 kilos, and the bathrooms required shower shoes. So I am not sure what to think of this one.