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Sevilla Hostel One Centro

Seville, Spain

Fun hostel with great vibe, amazing staff and cold AC! The guys working there were super fun and made it feel like home. They had lots of fun ideas, big smiles, and made sure guest had plenty of activities to keep them busy and properly enjoying Seville. Choong, Juli, Matteo, you rock! Was staying during the heatwave so the AC (that worked AMAZINGLY) in the room was a huge plus. Almost forgot, they had free nightly dinners....and I mean, who doesn't love a free dinner.

Smart Hyde Park View Hostel

London, England

Great location, nice enough. The rooms are a bit crampy with bunks running 3 high. It was hot outside and made for stuffy living quarters and required us to open the window which made it quite loud, but because it was due to incredible weather hard to really complain about that side affect.. Nearby is a great 24 hour market that's really clutch. The hostel bar stays open longer then other pubs so you can drink later on a week day. For location and what you get they do a good job.

Reykjavik Backpackers

Reykjavik, Iceland

The staff was rad. The girl who checked us in was really chill and helpful and then everyone else was chill and cool too. good vibe, right on the main street with access to everything, connected to a bar with happy hour--which is never a bad thing.

Hostel Pisa

Pisa, Italy

Great place to stay when stopping through Pisa. Easy check-in, open vibe, very close to airport making an early morning flight a breeze. Seemed to have a lot of activities and event to cater to a crowd looking for fun but we stayed so short missed it. Easy to find, helpful staff, en suite showers are where it's at. They do charge you for bedding, wish they'd just include it in the rate.

Hostel Pisa Tower

Pisa, Italy

The hostel has so much good stuff about it but in the end it just doesn't quite click for me. They do a lot of the little things really well but take it a step too far with all the rules sign posted everywhere therein taking away from a happy or relaxed vibe. It really is adorable and a nice place to chill in between travels, but something is just missing--simple as that.

Charlie Rockets

Bruges, Belgium

Charlie Rockets is the place to be. Location couldn't be better with the rooms off to the side and connected to a fun bar that is a good mix of both locals and travelers. The staff is where it's at, super fun and friendly, always eager to offer tips to really see Brugges. Shower area had a strange smell but it got the job done and spent such little time there wasn't an issue. Great for a party!

Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, Spain

AMAZEBALLS!!!! This place puts the siz-in-sizzle! Great location, nice layout, clean, helpful staff, family vibe, but a family that likes to PARTY. The Party-Boyz are a hoot and put on a good show for the pub crawl, between Montana's stories and Italy's dance moves it's a riot.. Don't stay here if you don't like fun. But, really, stay here!

U inn Berlin Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Great hostel in a wonderful, eclectic part of Berlin. Steps away from the True insiders guide to what real life Berlin is all about. Local coffee joints, cheap restaurants, nearby train stations, etc. The staff was AMAZING, super helpful, full of tips, offered all the information you needed, from the check-in, to the cleaning lady, to directions they were on point and a lot of fun!

Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, Spain

STAY HERE, Sagrada Familia is epic! This is the best hostel, EVER! The rooms are clean with a rad apartment layout, the people are fun, the Party Staff is way too much fun and HOT to boot! What's not to love?! They threw a ridiculous New Years Party that made me want every day to be New Years. If you want to have the time of your life with a lot of people that like to have amazing adventures, you're sure to find it here. It almost feels like a dream, but most signs point to it being real. YOW!

Your Hostel

Palermo, Italy

The genuine, hands-on staff made the stay very pleasant. They did a a great job turning this building into a hostel that many will be able to enjoy when they come through Palermo! Much needed from the bed and breakfasts to encourage a social scene with a great location to boot!

St Christophers Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

This was a great hostel! I loved that even an 8 bed room had an en suite shower. I did appreciate the modern design but felt the shower design ended up making more of a mess than anything else. I did not take much to have a very dirty feeling. I realize this is minor. Also, there was a strange smell in my room, could have been dirty travellers clothes that should be washed, but it had a slightly rotten, musty smell.