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Muenster, Germany

Auberge sympa. Je me suis arrêté juste une nuit, de passage. Il n'y avait presque personne donc très calme et propre. Le seul hic, le radiateur n'était pas allumé dans ma chambre (un peu dérangeant début Janvier).

City Public Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

At the end of summer, it's where all the students looking for accomodation for the next semester/year. It's all packed, but people are very friendly and nice. Definietely worth paying a bit more to get a 22/32 room instead of the 66 dorm ! I tried both, and it's much more quiet in the smallest ones. But it's actually not so bad considering you have 65 roomates. I was expecting worth. Only a few showers (4 males showers for a 200 people hostel), but I never had to queue tho.

Global Village Backpackers

Toronto, Canada

Nice hostel for a 1 ou 2 night stay. Location is very good. The bar is also very nice, you can easily meet people there. Bathroom is the strict minimum, in terms of facilties and cleaningness. Do not expect more than a coffee for breakfast.

Vanderbilt YMCA

New York, USA

I enjoyed my stay here. The only drawback is the lack of breakfast. It looks much more to a hotel than a hostel. It's huge, there are no dorms and no "living room" like space. Very good value for money though.

Abrahams Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

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YHA Cambridge

Cambridge, England

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