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Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 32

Abbey Court

Dublin, Ireland

Great stay! Although originally fully booked, they were able to accommodate me and I stayed two extra days. Great, safe location... I went out and got home pretty late but never felt uncomfortable. There is an interesting mix of travelers who stay here, but overall very positive!

Bru Bar & Hostel

Cork, Ireland

No customer comment

Kilkenny Tourist Hostel

Kilkenny, Ireland

No customer comment

Hostel of the Sun

Naples, Italy

This was one of my best experiences in a hostel!! The staff was friendly and informative (everyone knows your name!) and the hostel was extremely clean. They had a main reception area with a little bar and dining area (a staff member cooked free food!) but the floor where my room was quiet and peaceful! I'm not sure about Naples, but I would definitely return to this hostel!

Hostel Mancini

Naples, Italy

The owner at Hostel Mancini was very nice and accomodating. However the internet didn't work half the time I was there and the guy that works overnight was rude and acted like he'd rather smoke than answer my questions. I also didn't like that you don't get a key to your room; there is only one key, so you have to open your room and then return the key to the front desk. The area is a bit seedy, so it sucks that you have to wait to be buzzed in and don't have a key to just let yourself in.

Archi Rossi Hostel

Florence, Italy

I don't have much to say... the blonde guy that worked the evening shift was rude (the daytime guy was awesome though!), the internet didn't function in my room... but, my room was clean, there are a lot of nice common areas, breakfast is decent if you get there early, and it is really close to the train station!

My Friends

Florence, Italy

You must stay here if you are looking for a place close to the train station that is small and quiet. This is definitely not a party hostel, but the owners more than make up for that with their friendliness, hospitality and honesty. Nadina answered all of my questions, treated me like she has known me forever, and even offered me her own wine. Also, small isn't bad; it made it much easier to get to know the other guests staying at the hostel.

Franciscus Guesthouse

Verona, Italy

This is a great guesthouse, but definitely not a hostel. On my trip that was exactly what I needed. I paid a little more and got to spend one night in a super clean, quiet, safe location with my own extremely clean bathroom. I was given a double bed (I only requested a single!) on the top floor. The internet worked great and my only complaint is that the air conditioning wasn't the best (and it is hot in Verona in the summer!).

Hotel Casa Mia

Milan, Italy

Don't book this hotel! When I arrived the owner said there was a mistake and they were overbooked, from reading past reviews I can see this is a reoccuring problem. The owner was neither sympathetic or apologetic, yelling at me when I told him I couldn't afford the alternative place he tried to send me to (140 euro, and far outside of the city center)... he even tried to keep my deposit because he said that he had found me a new place to stay!!! Ridiculous...

Mediterranean Youth Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Overall, I enjoyed my stay at the Mediterranean Youth Hostel. The staff answered all of my questions and gave suggestions about what to do and see in the city. The free walking tour was awesome and a great way to meet other guests! However, the walls in this hostel are paper thin which means being woken up at 4am by drunk guests in the next room and their were several people who checked out but slept all of the next day-night in the common room, which meant nobody else could use it.

Samay Hostel Sevilla

Seville, Spain

The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable! I only stayed for one night and they made me feel very welcome and had great ideas about where to visit. The flamenco show and bar crawl were great additions for a solo traveller.

Posada San Francisco

San Juan, Puerto Rico

I had a fabulous stay at the Posada San Francisco. This was my first visit to a hostel and I will definitely stay in one again. The family running the hostel made me feel welcome and safe. They even gave me a ride to a local beach! They made sure that the accomodations were clean, neat, and in good condition. They also did a great job of providing information on local sights, tours, and where to eat.