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Lisboa Hostal

Algeciras, Spain

This place didn't have many reviews when I booked it but it ended up being the best hostel I have ever stayed in. The towels and blankets provided were all white which added to the clean atmosphere. It was very much like a hotel. The bathroom was aesthetically pleasing and soap was provided for the shower and for the sink. Rosa was also a very kind and helpful person, which contributed to my pleasant stay.


Stockholm, Sweden

Everything was great except the bed bugs. I had stayed in a hostel before this one for several days and had no problems with the bugs, but this was the last hostel I stayed in during my travels and I found bed bug sores all over my body the following evening. Everything was else was great, though. =)

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I am very sorry about your problem with the bugs. I wish you had told us though so we could have done something. Now we lost a couple of days in the work to get rid of them. It is very rare with bugs here, as you know they come with bags and people travelling. They are very difficult to see and very difficult to get rid of.