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Everything about the place was pretty good--but the room I was staying in smelled very stale. It smelled like someone had not done their laundry in years and almost made me gag; I am not sure if it was a guest or the room because I stayed for several nights and as my "roommates" rotated the smell did not unfortunately. Though it did not seem to bother anyone else, but I found that to be amazing since I have a bad sense of smell. I was in another room for one night and it smelled fine.

Himara Hostel

Himare, Albania

My stay at Himara Hostel was great! The people that run the place I very nice (Milto and Egda). Milto drove us to the beach both days I was there with some big green tube tied to the top of the car which was funny. He has two really sweet dogs (one is a little stupid) that were popular for petting. After the beach he made dinner for us. It is great hanging around there, there is a nice garden and the other travelers stopping by were quite nice. The rooms are really clean and comfortable too!

Maa Vaishno Guest House

Varanasi, India

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