Reviews: Anonymous

Buba House

Barcelona, Spain

Wonderfully hospitable, friendly and helpful staff. Location is good, 2 blocks to metro, not in a hyper-tourist zone. Good breakfast. Facilities reflect the building which is a bit antiquated. Solid value for money.

Hotel Le Huitieme

Marseille, France

Not good in so many ways. Poor value for money

Vertigo Vieux-Port

Marseille, France

Very friendly and helpful. Large kitchen and common room. Large bathroom/shower ensuite. Good breakfast. Value for money.


Stefano is a kind and helpful host. This is simply a large apartment with three bedrooms, a good kitchen and a large typical apartment bathroom (not at all hostel-style) which was nice. It is water-front with great views and 50 metres from the Dinegro metro station. Very convenient. Washer-dryer in apartment. Only hassle was lack of an elevator to go up 3 floors.

Hotel Paola

Florence, Italy

Adriana at the reception is wonderfully bright, warm and helpful. Good location, room spacious, bright, clean. But three huge old floors up with no elevator - suitcase nightmare. No kitchen facility at all. Not even hot water for coffee. No common area in which to relax. Extremely cramped showers/toilets. Shower inside dorm room gets tepid warm water.

Hostel Beauty

Rome, Italy

The reception staff (Mr Khan and the Danish young lady) were very kind and helpful. Khan went out of his way to serve the guests. Bathrooms need serious maintenance/upgrading.

Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

Nick the bon vivant Greco-Aussie owner is on site almost round the clock (he kept the karaoke night hopping till the wee hours) with a personal eye on the operation. And he succeeds in attracting a bright young staff. Unique among hostels there is a restaurant and a hip bar right on the premises downstairs open to the public. En suite toilet was best I've seen in a hostel. Good on ya, Nick. Am sure the economic recovery is already happening.

Artemis Hotel

Selcuk, Turkey

Wonderfully warm, friendly and helpful owner.

Piya Hotel/Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Good location in a genuine local neighborhood. Good breakfast. Extremely kind and helpful staff attending even at 3am. Room was cramped for 4 people. Overall tight for space. No lounge for relaxing; cafeteria doubles as wi-fi zone.

Pujangga Homestay

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Quiet place, polite manager. Clean kitchen. The price is low and you get what you pay for, quite understandably. Wish they would charge $2 more and renovate the bathrooms - they are really not good enough.

Barnacles Temple Bar House

Dublin, Ireland

Toilet sinks are very small is made much worse by big soap dispenser attached to the wall directly over the middle of the sink. Its impossible to even brush teeth within the sink due to obstruction from the dispenser. Please move dispenser just six inches to the side so it does not hit ones face when bending over the sink