Reviews: errkat8525

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 32

Rest Up London

London, England

The drain in the shower i used was clogged and seemed to be so for a while, as after even several minutes there was still a 1 inch pool of water sitting there. Otherwise the hostel was very easy to get to and was worth the price to stay at. I like how there is a cafe that serves food all day with a nice seating area with a TV and several outlets to charge electronics. I also appreciate that there is a cash machine and a popcorn machine in the lobby.

YHA London St Pauls

London, England

I enjoyed my stay here. The bathrooms and rooms were decent and the cleanest i've seen so far. There is a heater in the room as well as a sink and mirror. The shower has no ventilation though, so that was uncomfortable but at least the water was hot. The eating area is pretty nice as well. Hostel is a little hard to find for the first time. You need to walk around from the back of St. Paul's Cathedral to the front and then cross the street next to YO Sushi and Strada restaurant.

Astor Victoria

London, England

A good place for the price. Staff was friendly and helpful. Overall ok experience, wasn't expecting more though. No wireless internet for mobile devices. There is a dispenser that sells eyecovers and earplugs, you'll need them. Bathroom not clean, bring your flip flops and also large, long padlock for the storage cage. There is an age limit in the description of up to 35 but there was a guy in our room who was probably 65, went to sleep early, woke up early, and was loud, wth?