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U Hostels

Madrid, Spain

This is a large hostel with a great atmosphere, but isn't too loud either. The facilities are all very modern and generally clean, there are ample showers and bathrooms all of which are maintained very well, the rooms are spacious and modern (each bed has a light and power point) and they are also well air conditioned. Breakfast was quite small, but there is a kitchen available to use. I would recommend this hostel to young travellers.

Seven Hostel

Sorrento, Italy

This is a very comfortable hostel that is about a 20 minute walk from the centre of Sorrento and less from the nearby train station. The rooms were very spacious and clean, and communal areas were very comfortable. The bathrooms were a little oddly designed, there was a lack of space to hang things, but it was easy enough to work around. Overall it was a very nice relaxing stay, I would recommend Seven Hostel to anyone looking to stay in the Sorrento area.

Hostel Brikette

Positano, Italy

Being the only hostel in Positano, there isn't many other choice for accomodation but it is a very nice hostel and I very much enjoyed my stay here. It's just around the corner from the first bus stop in town (when coming in from Sorrento) making it quite accessible to nearby towns and a short walk down the hill to the beach. The hostel has a great atmosphere at night, so though my room did lack a window, I didn't spend very much time in there. Breakfast is nice, and at a small additional fee.

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Glad that you enjoyed your stay, and wish you all the best for your future travels.

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

This is a large party hostel that feels a little impersonal at times. The rooms are spacious and air-conditioned, but the facilities in the girls dorms did not work during my stay (hair dries, hot water), and there were two showers/bathrooms to three rooms of girls staying. The hostel is close to the central station and a little walk to the main sites, so otherwise it was an okay stay.

The Beehive

Rome, Italy

This is a gorgeous, quiet hostel very close to the main station in Rome. Though it lacks atmosphere it is clean, very spacious and within walking distance to most of the main sites, as well as two blocks from the metro. The breakfast choices available for a small additional price are very healthy and delicious, and the staff are very helpful and kind. I would recommend this to anyone who isn't necessarily looking for a party hostel, but I nice relaxing place to stay in Rome!


London, England

Clink78 is a busy hostel that had a lot of young tour groups coming through to stay. The 12 bed dorm I booked was tiny, the luggage of 12 people could barely fit, but luckily I was moved to a female 10 bed dorm which was much more comfortable. Staff were generally helpful but quite busy and the facilities were clean.

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hi there! Thanks for taking your time to leave your feedback with us! We are glad your experience ended up being a good one after you changed your room! Summer time is the busiest time of the year and we have a lot of tours departing/coming back to our hostel (so many travelers to meet!) We are happy you found the staff helpful though and the hostel clean :) We hope to see you again soon! Safe travels! Anna

Hostel Pisa

Pisa, Italy

This hostel is quite easy to get to from the train station but a little bit of a walk to the main attractions in Pisa. Staff were friendly and helpful, rooms are a little small, and facilities are old but are generally quite clean. There wasn't really much going on in the evenings at the hostel as everyone was out elsewhere.

Emerald Palace

Florence, Italy

This was a very clean and well located hostel in central Florence. It was unfortunate that was couldn't use the kitchen facilities, as the breakfast provided was very poor (two pieces of white toast and tea or coffee), but the rooms were quite comfortable, very spacious and cleaned every day. Cleaning was done during a three hour lockout period in which you had to stay out, which was a little annoying when it was raining. Overall a enjoyable stay.

Ostello Tramonti

Cinque Terre, Italy

Though this hostel is not on the Cinque Terre, it is a very affordable option if you're planning on visiting the area. The shuttle service to and from Riomaggiorie is very efficient, and if you wanted to go earlier staff also offered to drive guests personally. This is a quieter hostel as everyone is on the coast most of the time and though the facilities are quite basic, it was comfortable, clean and a very nice place to stay. Would highly recommend to backpackers and families.

Generator Venice

Venice, Italy

A big busy hostel just two stops away from Saint Marks Square. Because it isn't connected at all to the main island ground you do have to catch the ferry over each time but this isn't too much of a hassle. Rooms are small but okay and the bathrooms can get a little messy at times, though overall it was fine.

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Wombats is incredibly close to the train station making it very easy for backpackers to come and go. The hostel was clean and tidy at all times, lockers in rooms are large enough and accessed by room cards (instead of bringing your own lock). The facilities are quite old, the hostel itself isn't very modern but it is very accessible to supermarkets, banks and the old part of town. Breakfast was reasonable for the additional price.

Generator Berlin Mitte

Berlin, Germany

This is a large loud hostel in Mitte, with nicely sized rooms and a shower and bathroom in each. The staff were constantly busy due to the high number of visitors and the bar is always full at night too. The towel hire price was quite high and there is no place to store food (and bringing it into the hostel is highly discouraged) but otherwise it was a clean central place to stay with lots of places to hang out.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ecomama is a beautiful, environmentally friendly, very comfortable hostel. The rooms are nicely sized and bathrooms always clean, and the communal kitchen is very useful at times and the staff are amazing, they go above and beyond in making sure guests have a great stay and enjoy their time getting to know Amsterdam. The only shock was that wifi isn't available in the downstairs rooms yet (as it is a new hostel)...but this just means you get to sit in communal areas and socialise!

King Kong Hostel Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

King Kong is a fantastic hostel, it is beautifully designed, comfortable and on a street full of lovely restaurants and bars. The rooms weren't very big but reasonable, but there is many common areas (dining room, kitchen, lounge area, outdoor seating etc.) that you could hang out in so it didn't really matter! The staff were very informative and kind, breakfast wasn't included but was very healthy and quite substantial for the small extra price. I very much enjoyed my stay!

Hostel Uppelink Ghent

Gent, Belgium

This is a truly lovely hostel. It is located on the bank of the canal in the centre of town, and is quite accessible from central station by tram. The staff were informative and the breakfast included was reasonable. It is a small sized hostel so it's fairly easy to make friends and get to know other guests. Everything was very clean and the view from our room was spectacular.

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

This hostel was great for a short stay in Brussels. It's not far out of the city, the rooms are clean and large enough and the staff are extremely helpful and kind. Breakfast is not included but was very reasonable for the additional price. It is a very large hostel so it is easy to get lost amongst everyone if you're alone but otherwise it was a very nice stay.