Reviews: Anonymous

Dynamic Guesthouse

Busan, South Korea

Great place in the heart of the city.


No license,no lounge, no internet, 3X1.5 kitchen room, 1 bathroom, no washing machine.Host was drunk, abusive and drugged, used coarse language. I have lost 3.4 pounds and had to relocate to a more expansive accommodation. I wish for full refund from you of the amount loss.I would urge you to further investigate the person, his ad and his sanity above all, and for the sake of the service you offer remove immediately his ad from the list on your website. I will personally denounce th

Everton Hostel

Liverpool, England

5 to 6 pounds, free fruits, jovial atmosphere, helpful staff. Only negative point: it hasn't been possible to extend the stay once there. Needed to do it online and found higher prices less availability hence needed to leave for another hostel. Great experience.

Kipps Hostel Canterbury

Canterbury, England

Great upper floor. Cozy, furnished with personality (unlike the YHA which looks like a mental hospital), free wifi (!!), great and inexpensive breakfast, free coffee and milk all day (!!) , helpful staff, free towels (!!). Low cost high performance. 10 out of 10.