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The New York Loft Hostel

New York, USA

This was surprisingly one of the better hostels I've stayed at. It has pretty much everything you need in a hostel, including functioning wifi (a rare find). However, I wish that they would do something about the mosquitos in the porch/kitchen/TV area - I know there are chemical products that can help with that, or even mosquito netting. Since there's no other common room, there's no way to get away from the mosquitos when the kitchen is open during the summer. It's a problem.

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Berlin, Germany

The facilities at this hostel were great, but the wifi was terrible, and that kind of ruined it for me. Wifi is so important when traveling, and it's always on my mind when choosing a hostel (including this one), so I was incredibly disappointed. Not only did it often not work, but they designed it to be incredibly difficult and annoying to use even when it is working. Also, the staff was almost always too busy to be very helpful or nice. And FYI, you have to actually earn a 100% rating.

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hi hayley, sorry you had trouble with our internet - we offer among the best with 55.000Kbit/s download and 3.000kbit/s upload. but of course watching movies all day is difficult at peak times. Our staff is very friendly and competent -thousands of ratings over the last 7 years prove that. If you have a specific problem - please contact me directly, I will look into it. And thank you for suggesting for us to actually work for a good rating ;-)

Hobo Bear Hostel

Zagreb, Croatia

This is a really great hostel! One of the best I've stayed in. I just wish it had 24-hour reception so the common room could stay open past 12. It's very frustrating because there's nowhere else to go after that except to bed or to the kitchen, which you can only do if you're going to be completely silent. Other than that though, it's perfect.

Budapest Bubble

Budapest, Hungary

The social atmosphere here is perfect, I just wish the common room was bigger, the internet worked better, etc. Still, it's absolutely the best choice if you're looking to meet people and get suggestions/guidance for what to do in Budapest.

Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

Best hostel I've ever stayed in! It manages to mix character with cleanliness and organization, while with many other hostels you sort of have to pick. It has basically everything you could ever want in a hostel, besides the perfect location. I don't think there are better options in Frankfurt, but it certainly is, um, interesting. I never felt remotely unsafe, but it is definitely not a family neighborhood. However, being incredibly close to the main train station adds a huge upside.


This was a really, really cool hostel. Not a cute, tiny place, but absolutely worth trying. My only complaints are that the shower was *awful* (disgustingly leaky, and one of the heavy doors broke and fell on me), and that when I complained at 2 am that people were out on the fire escape being very loud, the receptionist refused to solve the problem even though they are expressly not allowed to be up there. Though they need to solve these issues, other aspects of the hostel made up for them.

Bob's Youth Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Definitely the worst hostel I've stayed in. *Important* If you have any sort of respiratory issue, look elsewhere! Everyone smokes loads of pot in the only (uncomfortable & full of stoners) common room. My asthma is very mild, yet I got horribly sick. The hostel is extremely cramped, devoid of nice amenities, not overly cheap, & if you happen to have a largish suitcase & be placed on an upper floor, god help you. If you're a pot-loving backpacker, you might find this tolerable- otherwise, no.