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Location: England, Gender: Female, Age: 26

Dragon Hostel Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

This was the worst hostel I have ever stayed in. My room had no window, it was like a cell. HK really needs to up its youth hostel scene because whats available right now is really, grim. tiny toilets/shower, nowhere to sit. Just a horrible hostel to end our stay in China/HK.

The Cosy Garden

Yangshuo, China

Man, this place was lovely and the nicest staff and golden retriever dog made the stay even better. Bikes they rented out were really comfy: perfect for a trip around the karst limestone peaks. Let us shower even after we had checked out (biking is pretty sweaty stuff in Yangshuo). Only thing is it's quite a way out (pros and cons) and the drinks were expensive. But didn't mind too much because absolutely recommend this place and would head straight back! Thanks very much guys!

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Thanks for the feedback guys! glad you enjoyed your stay :)


This was SUCH a nice hostel. It doesn't have the busy atmosphere like in other backpacker hostel, but we reckon this was down to the season we visited rather than the rule. Bathroom in double was incredible: really beautiful. Gigantic pizza oven was a little random in a good way. Staff helpful but when we organised a tour through them to the rice fields they gave us and four others a driver who didn't speak English which made the trip extra difficult. Otherwise, majorly recommend.

Qian Men Hostel

Beijing, China

Incredible location and lovely hutong courtyard building. Staff were really helpful. Beds were most solid beds in the whole world (other than Sanlitun hostel-AVOID!) but nice atmosphere made up for it. Annoying having to dash across the courtyard to toilets and mixed showers and paint peeling in room. Minor quibbles because the location was great and overall, we enjoyed our stay, even if we're now crippled from the super hard matresses.

Beach Inns

Matara, Sri Lanka

Difficult one! When we first got there we found a trail of ants in the bathroom and there was blood all over the sheets. However, there were excellent staff who were incredibly attentive seing as we were the only guests for three days. This was a bit awkward. Location was beautiful and having a balcony overlooking the sea was just super. Food was really, really good in the restaurant (maybe because we were the only people there so they could make it gourmet...)!!


Bit jet-lagged so don't remember much other than there was a huge four poster, massive bathroom and fan. No air-conditioning and fan wasn't that effective, but great location just across from the beach. Really nice

Poc na Hostel

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

We'd booked into this, turned up and were so disappointed we actually didn't stay the night so apologies if it's way better than we made out. the dorms we were shown were cramped (but looked clean) but the real killer was the thumping music from the bar. Really good location but you can't really go wrong because Mujeres is so small. Think this place is great if you're into parties...

Hotel Maria del Pilar

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Pretty standard new hotel in Isla Mujeres. Souless, but with air-conditioning so it's fine for a single night.

Funk Lounge

Zagreb, Croatia

It was in a characterless apartment building some way out of the city centre and was very difficult to reach because of the extremely heavy snowfall and the trams had stopped running.

Old Town Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

This is one of the nicest hostels I've ever stayed in. Pretty uncomfortable double bed but mahousive bedroom, sofa, kitchen, great living space, christmas tree (!). Staff were SO nice. Will be straight back here if I come back to Zagreb. We had to vacate because they were havinga big birthday party but she (very nicely) forewarned us and we checked out, and then checked back in a few nights later. SO GOOD STAY HERE!

Cabinas Algebra

Cahuita, Costa Rica

We never got to the hostel despite rushing all day to get to from Miami because there was no way of actually getting to the cabinas! On the email they sent us they said that a pickup would be possible from the village. Apparently their car had broken down, but they only told us this well after we had left to get to cahuita! There were NO taxis in cahuita to take us there, and no buses. It wasn't late, about 8. I'm sure they're very beautiful but good luck getting there!


difficult one to review. Pool was great, reception area was cool and breezy. Staff were really friendly. Location-fine. But the dorm itself? 4 bed dorm- had a long term guest there who was peeing on the carpet and on the wall at 4 am right next to my bed. There was also a very rude old woman who kept muttering to herself and made me feel very uncomfortable. Asked at reception to move rooms and he said 'not possible-but we know who you're talking about'. Why not kick her out?! Ruined my stay :(


Great location and price. Standard facilities. Big problem: not enough seating or lounge areas for the numbers of guests staying. Struggled to find a seat almost every day and sofas broken/uncomfortable. Pancake breakfast nice touch. Air conditioning wasn't very strong-room was quite hot. Party hostel? Lots of drunk guys but generally quiet in dorms. Don't go for a 12 bed! Didn't get much sleep! The kitchen was very very hot too. Maybe an air con unit in there? For the money, not bad.

Casa Maderas

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Poor review b/c felt there was false advertising. Free shuttle which is good but it wasn't made clear that the hotel was so far away. People say it feels like a resort or a luxury hotel. REALLY? You guys have never been anywhere nice then! It was sterile and the owner was very rude to her staff! A kind of fake nice to guests. The tables in the cafe were very sticky and there were so many flies there! Breakfast was a nice touch. Too many warnings by staff about how dangerous the area was too!


Firstly, Hopkins is a bit remote, so if you're pushed for time, maybe give it a miss. There wasn't really a beach or anywhere to swim! The room was nice. We had a double room with a pretty lumpy mattress but it was good value for money. It was very hot but there was a storm during the night and the window cover fell off. Bit awkward. Showers were extremely basic but clean enough.

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Thank you for your comments. I would like to mention though that Hopkins is not remote, it is only 4 miles off the main highway and there are buses 2 times a day everyday. To say there is no beach is really not true. Hopkins has very nice beaches all the way up and down and that is why 80% of the people come here. For the beach. If you check on-line you will sea photos of Hopkins beach in case you were not able to find it, and all of my guests spend many days on the beach. You do not realize how damaging your words can be to small business owners like me who have built a business from scratch with my own two hands and I have invested everything I have in to this business. Your false review is harmful to the whole village, not just me.

Los Encuentros Hotel

Antigua, Guatemala

Great location-right in the centre of Antigua. Owner spoke only Spanish, but she was lovely and when I was ill offered me some camomile tea in the dead of nigh! She was very kind! Otherwise, her tours seemed a bit overpriced compared o others and she was always trying to get us to go on one! Very clean.

2night Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

I've stayed here a few times: this is my third time back. It wasn't as good as the previous times. There were some pretty odd guests who spent all their time in bed so we had to be quiet all the time which was annoying. It was really hot in there (heatwave), but Gabor let me use the fan (FOREVER GRATEFUL THANK YOU!) Breakfast was a bit stale. Not sure they can justify this much money for dorm rooms, but the double room is definately worth the price-it's lovely. Good location.

Wombats City Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

So it was a trial period for this wombat hostel, Budapest. As others have said it smelt like fresh paint and looked clean and shiny. But the staff? Try smiling people! I understand that it must be crazy when a new hostel opens, but some of the staff were just downright unfriendly. A minor niggle is that it says it's an English speaking hostel but there were staff who just didn't understand and looked angry! Cheap beer and great showers though!.

New Road Guest House

Bangkok, Thailand

Beautiful entrance lobby-welcome air conditioning! It is really far from anywhere though and the room was a little bit dingy and dark. I suppose you get what you pay for, but if a first time in Bangkok might be better to go somewhere a bit more central-we were too far to really do anything spontaneous, everything had to be planned. Thanks for the information though-really nice staff.