Reviews: Anonymous


I arrived there expecting something gorgeous, since the place ir really overpriced for Thai standards. Down the street you may find bungalows with the same or even higher quality for 1/3 the price. I stayed one night and moved to another place. Darling is a nice person but I don't think the price is worth it to stay there.

Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

The guys who work there make your stay way better.I think they should try to clean the toilette once more a day, specially during new years eve,when it's fully booked, because sometimes the toilette was not that clean, nothing chaotic, but it could be improved. They should also try to put some extra plugs in the dorms, sometimes we had only one or two, what makes things a bit harder in our high technology world nowadays. Otherwise everything was great and the Hostel is one of bests in Turkey.


Belgrade, Serbia

There are two persons in the world who would wake up at 4am to make me french toast and coffee, because I had a flight at 7am, one is my mother the other is the guy who works at this place. The staff is incredibly friendly, the hostel is perfectly clean, organised, safe and everything else you need to have a nice stay in a hostel. I definitely recommend it!

Wombats City Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

One of the best hostels I've stayed in Europe....


The place is really nice and staff was really helpful. The only thing is that the rooms are really overpriced. It was the smote expensive place I've stayed in Morocco along my 20 days trip around the country and definitely it was the most expensive with breakfast no included. I've stayed in another places even better for half price than this place. An the breakfast was quite expensive, especially because there was nothing exceptional. I think they should lower the prices to attract more people.

Extol Inn Youth Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

In the reception, staff was really helpful but during breakfast people who work at this part were not so friendly. I cannot say that this is a good hostel, because definitely it is a hotel. It's so clean, so organized, excellent breakfast, good location and you can go to anywhere by train and also to some night clubs by foot, as Sasazu (a really good one!). The rooms are really good and the bathroom is really clean! Just amazing, and prague is perfect, the best city ever in Europe!


The staff was not so helpful, this is terrible for a hostel. The breakfast was not so good, when the bread is gone there is no more, they don't refill. You only have bread, coffe, milk, juice, and cereals, I though it could be better, I've already seen many hostels even cheaper where they offer better breakfast than this one.

Jugendherberge Augsburg

Augsburg, Germany

Really clean and organized, but breakfast finishes to early, at 9, so you can not go out and wake up late if you wanna enjoy it. Otherwise is everything clean and relly organized!

Porto Wine Hostel

Porto, Portugal

This is just the best hostel ever... next everything, so clean, a lot of nice people, good breakfast and aodrable stuff.... it's even better than some hotels!

Frankfurt Hostel

Frankfurt, Germany

The hostel is located in worst part of the city. A lot people using heroin and another drugs in the street in front of the hostel. The room is ok, actually I had to ask to change my linen because there were hair spread on my bed and it was supposedly to be clean. The breakfast is good, I think the best thing in the hostel otherwise you donĀ“t feel safe when you have to go to the hostel during the night, because the hostel is like 10 minutes by walking away from the main part of the city.