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Location: USA, Age: 35

2B Happy Accommodation

Johannesburg, South Africa

This is the best hostel to stay at in JoBurg. The hostel is surrounded by some really nice neighborhoods in one direction but a really rough neighborhood in the other direction. It's near convenience stores and mass transit, but the mass transit can be confusing so ask the staff about it. The gardens and outdoor patio at the hostel are fantastic and everything is very clean. Only big complaint: one of the showers is very slippery and I took a nasty spill even with the rubber mat.

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Thank you for being the best guest. We are sorry about the nasty spill. We will take care of the mat problem. Patience

Stoked Backpackers

Cape Town, South Africa

This is a great hostel and I highly recommend it if you don't mind staying about an hour's train ride outside of central Cape Town. Muizenberg is a cute, beautiful beach town with friendly people. The hostel manager is very friendly and hardworking but he is prone to blatantly offending Americans with his T-shirt of the American flag burning. He proudly declares to Americans, "Your flag is burning." Even with this, I enjoyed my stay and found the nearby historical sites very interesting.

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Hi, Thanks for taking the time to write a review. We enjoyed hosting you! Regarding the T-shirt: Although we have staff T-shirts, they sometimes wear there own. We are sorry that it (and he) offended you, particularly as he actually loves all things' America' and dreams of going there. He was even given the shirt by our first American guests. To our knowledge, none of our American guests have responded negatively to it, but your feedback is appreciated and noted. Apologies once again.

Amber Tree Lodge Backpackers

Cape Town, South Africa

Great hostel with fascinating people. It's not a party hostel but people have a good time. The staff is friendly and helpful. The kitchen is excellent and the beds are comfortable. However, there's practically nowhere where you can plug in your electronics in the bathrooms. Also, it's right in front of a safe bus stop but there's no clear instructions on their website on how to easily take the excellent MyCiti bus from the airport to the hostel. I took an expensive cab for no reason.

America del Sur Hostel Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wonderful hostel to stay at and I met a lot of fantastic people. It's easy to meet people here because there are very open and bright common areas and the hostel organizes cool events like tango lessons, steak dinner night, and group tours . The staff are multilingual, very helpful, friendly, and interesting. While the location is very convenient, some guests of the hostel got robbed in this neighborhood during my short stay. It may be that all of BA is just as dangerous as this area. Dunno.

The Trip Hostel

Punta del Este, Uruguay

This was a good hostel but it was not fun at all in the dead of winter off season. Also, my room was very cold and I turned on the heat but some guy who works at the hostel came into my room and turned off the heat in the middle of the night. It was creepy and weird and cheap. The hostel has a beautiful fireplace and the staff is nice enough although their English wasn't that great - maybe it's just because it was off season. I might stay here again but it's not the best hostel.

Dolce Vita Hostel

Montevideo, Uruguay

The staff at this hostel is extremely helpful and very proud to tell people about Montevideo and Uruguay in general. Very convenient location close to both the Old City and the beaches.

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Hello, thank you for your comment! We hope to see you again soon :)

Hostel Lao

Mendoza, Argentina

This was a good hostel but it takes a bit of athletic ability to get onto and off of the top bunk in the dorm rooms because they don't have a ladder for you to climb up or down. That was a pain and you just have to step on the bed of the person below you. Other than that, I enjoyed my stay here and found the place to be very homey and quiet while also located near much of the action. The staff was very energetic, cheery and helpful and I think that was the best feature of this hostel.

H Rado Hostel

Santiago, Chile

This was a fantastic hostel. It's very clean and there's plenty of nice common space to meet people. The facilities like the kitchen and the patio are great. The staff is very friendly and laid back and they were very helpful and fun. I loved staying here and even the breakfast was very good. It's affordable and in a very good location near a lot of fun bars, nightclubs, the university, the subway, the bus lines, parks, international call centers, etc. Book with H Rado!

Udee Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

This is the best hostel I've ever stayed at. The owner of the hostel is super nice, very thoughtful, and very helpful. The breakfast is the best breakfast I've ever had at a hostel, which may not be saying much, but I love the fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. It's in a nice quiet location in a very noisy and congested city. It's like a 8-10 minute walk to the Bangkok Skytrain which makes it so much more convenient than the Khao San Road hostels w/ no pub trans. Udee takes credit card also!