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Location: USA, Age: 28

Pathpoint Cologne

Cologne, Germany

This hostel was very so-so for me. The kitchen was great and the availability of lockers was appreciated. The staff was fairly helpful as well. The hostel has a decent location near the Cathedral and is within walking distance of the train station. I stayed in an 8 bed female dorm though and there was zero space to move or maneuver in the room. The room was stuffy and hot and there was only one bathroom and one shower for all of us. The bedding is stiff and not particularly comfortable.

Lotte - The Backpackers

Heidelberg, Germany

This hostel is amazing! From the second I stepped in the door, Carmen made me feel incredibly welcome. I stayed in a 6 bed female dorm room. There was plenty of space, the beds were clean and comfortable, and each of us had our own personal, large lockers in the room. The hostel also features 2 bathrooms...which includes one that is exclusively for females and is stocked with a couple of female oriented goodies. Locations is excellent! Steps from the castle and the main square!


The hostel was beautiful, clean, and welcoming. The staff were incredibly helpful and the room was very clean and spacious. The hostel isn't on the Island of Lindau but it is a close walk and I had no issues with the location. The common room was really welcoming and well decorated.

Hostel Marmota

Innsbruck, Austria

Location is a little out of the way but is easily accessible via public transportation. Staff was very friendly and helpful. The kitchen and common room had a great atmosphere but the rooms are a little dreary although clean.

Aida Marais Printania

Paris, France

Hotel lacked an overwhelmingly friendly atmosphere but it's clean and the facilities are good. Most of the people we saw staying here were families and couples. The hotel was great about helping us print travel documents and store luggage.

Gaudys Backpackers Hostel

San Jose, Costa Rica

No customer comment

Gaudys Backpackers Hostel

San Jose, Costa Rica

The staff is so friendly and incredibly nice!