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The hostel itself is nice, but I walked 15 minutes from the subway to the hostel. the area is nice, temple and a lot of restaurants and shops everywhere. clean hostel, nice staff,

Capsule Inn Kinshichou

Tokyo, Japan

I didnt like my stay in the Capsual Inn. The Capsual was more or less clean, but the bathroom totally not. For taking a shower, women need to go to the second floor and walk thorugh the stairs where other guests are smoking to the shower. Everything looks like this Hotel opened 30 years ago and didnt replace anything... Theres no kitchen and only a small common room with a noisy television. I dont recommend this Hotel at all!

Quality Hostel K's House Takayama

Hida Takayama, Japan

i loved this hostel! The kitchen was clean, there was coffee and tea, a nice, cozy commen room, clean showers and toilets, small room but clean and with a lot of space for baggages.

Guest House Muga

Hikone, Japan

a wonderful owner who really cares about his guests! Due to a taifun, all the trains from Maibara to Hikon stopped so he drove all the way up to Maibara and picked me up there! Really lovely! clean guesthouse, big common area, nice village


Pretty clean hostel with nice rooms with space for big backpacks. Dryer didn't really dry. big kitchen and common area.

Guest House Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan

Clean, nice staff, more or less to the train station but there's nothing close to the hostel to see...

Yume Nomad

Kobe, Japan

there was a strange smell in my small dormitory and the shower/bathroom pretty small


No customer comment

Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Quite ok, for nightlife not the best location, but for tourist attractions. No kitchen and I missed a cosy common room.

Hebron Hostel

Jerusalem, Israel

The location is perfect for the arabic market, but that's it. Going for dinner to the new town isn't easy for a single women because you have to walk through a lot of (more or less) empty roads. They don't have blankets, you only get a woolen blanket, I'm not sure how often they wash it... and it was cold! Bathroom and toiletts are poor, too. I only recommend it when you want to sleep in the middle of the old city...

The Only Backpacker's Inn

Toronto, Canada

After a bad experience in a Hostel in Downtown, I decided to check this hostel and the breakfast which must be great as I read here. The Hostel is very clean and the atmosphere is more like a shared apartment then a hostel, because it's pretty small, maybe six rooms. The kitchen is very clean and the living room big, there's a cafe and a bar in in the ground floor and the rooms in the second floor, but I didn't hear any noises. Just the location isn't top, it's quite a long way to downtown.

Global Village Backpackers

Toronto, Canada

The location is great, but that's all what this Hostel has. It smells strange in the room and there were a lot of dead mosquitos in the sink in the bathroom. But the worst thing: I had a MOUSE in my backpack!!! And I told to other travelers who saw a mouse in this stinky hostel.... And one staff's reaction: "yes, we know it, we have mouse traps". life is too short to sleep alone, in this hostel, you sleep with mice in one room! My recommendation: DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!

HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel

Ottawa, Canada

Nice hostel with an interesting jail tour for free! Great location and pretty clean. I didn't stay in a cell, it used to be an office. It was a four bed room and we had a lot of space, including a couch! Breakfast is not excellent, but you get enough with fresh fruits!

Le Jazz St. Denis

Montreal, Canada

not verry clean, but a nice breakfast. wifi doesnt function always

Corinne Hostel

Eilat, Israel

Quite a nice hostel in a good location, but the wifi didn't work in the room. They have clear rules about check-out, which is at 10 am.