Reviews: lucianosousa

Location: Brazil, Gender: Male, Age: 29

Egali Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Good value for price. Well located and cool staff. Should put more showers.

Casa Azul Hostel

Porto Alegre, Brazil

So many problems when is raining. Hope go back some day but without these troubles. If they still exist, I will not come back there, never.

Nuevo Horizonte Hostel

Santiago, Chile

Mark was one of the most friendly staff guys I met in my life. The kitchen and the rooms are ok. The bathroom there are hot water but people don't understand how they can use. Also, they have music playing almost all the time. Good vibe there!


The hostel is not so organized but the staff is really friend. Irvin is really good person. I stay in this hostel 2 times and if someday I go back to Dallas for sure I'll stay there, again.


Nice place. One problem was with cleanness staff. Just one woman are not friendly, but, it's still ok.

St Christopher's Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland

One of the most good hostels I stayed. The staff is really cool and the hostel is near all good things in Edinburgh. Also, they have one bar in the downstairs opened until 2:00am.

Curitiba Backpackers Hostel

Curitiba, Brazil

Good staff but need improve the cleanliness and the installations.

Hostel Way2go

Florianopolis, Brazil

Roberta(owner) is awesome, and, the people that stayed at same weekend that I were good.