Reviews: Anonymous


This hostel is definitely no-frills. Read the details carefully - there is a curfew and also a certain time frame during the day that you must vacate. Additionally, the shower/laundry area is open limited hours.That said, if you go in knowing this, it is cheap and about 7 minutes walk from the station. My floor had a strange smell. There is not a lot to do near the hotel, but it's not hard to get around by train. This hostel had openings during peak spring break season.


Hakone, Japan

Beautiful place with large hot spring bath. We stayed in 2p Japanese-style room and enjoyed the hot tea and Yukata in the room. Small side room with table overlooking the view was an added perk while relaxing in the evening. Very lovely.

Juyoh Hotel

Tokyo, Japan

This was a great place to stay! Upsides: *The "shared" showers are private, separate, locked rooms, they're just on shared floors. *English-keyboard computers, a mac/Skype, & Vending Machines downstairs as well as tv, kitchen, Japanese garden,etc *The two-bed room had mini-fridge, long shelf w/two chairs, hanger space, mirror. *Bathrooms shared per floor. Downside: Slightly hard to find the place! About 10min walk from the station once you know where it is. Get good directions first!!