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Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 27

Flying Pig Downtown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I hate those wire-cage-under-the-bed-lockers. Other than that, its a good hostel. Nice breakfast, great couches and movie selection :)

Grand Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Beautiful, comfy, spacious rooms. Amazingly friendly and helpful staff. The best welcome I've experienced anywhere! And Wifi in the dorm rooms! The bar and common area was a bit quiet though, but there's plenty of fun to be had out in the city :)


Their motto is sleep easy...WRONG! I was abruptly awoken at 3:00am by a receptionist demanding to see my check-in slip because he thought (mistakenly) that I was in the wrong bed. Plus he turned on all the lights in the dorm where 10 other people were sleeping. What kind of customer-care is that?!? And those horrible wire cage lockers under the beds are the worst, btw.

Kabul Backpackers Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

A bit commercial and the location is overwhelmingly touristy, but it's a fun place for a party stop

Lusaka Backpackers

Lusaka, Zambia

A good place to stay in Lusaka, with a clean pool and usually busy bar, and good food.

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thanks for the comments. glad you enjoyed your stay

Brown Sugar Backpackers

Johannesburg, South Africa

Good place to crash and helpful breakfast included!

The Backpack Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa

My second stay at The Backpack was just as fun as my first! On both visits I've found an incredible community of travelers, vacationers, and the hostel employees. I can't recommend this place strongly enough! LOVE IT!

Mossel Bay Backpackers

Mossel Bay, South Africa

A great place to relax and chill out. The owner was incredibly helpful with booking hostels and activities! It's a beautiful spot!

The Backpack Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa

This hostel is amazing!!! The staff were wonderful and made a real effort to make sure everyone had a great time. The location and facilities are great too, and excellent breakfast. Shout out to Eleni, Prudence, and Lucas for making my week in Cape Town the BEST EVER!!!!

Bahaus Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Fantastic!!! The staff, especially Sakir and Tugi, are amazing! My first day here was my birthday, so they threw me a party and even got me a cake! They really know how to create a friendly, fun, hostel atmosphere. Plus, the hostel is super close to all the good sights. We had a wonderful stay. Thank you so much!!!

Corinne Hostel

Eilat, Israel

Possibly the worst hostel I've ever stayed at. The atmosphere is dismal and David the owner is purposefully unhelpful and abrasively rude. There are lockers advertised but they are incredibly inconvenient and there's only one room key per room (which is why we wanted a locker in the first place, since I had cash stolen from my bag in the room on the first night). Not to mention, the shower flooded our whole room and the hallway, and the beds are tiny with thin mattresses. Avoid at all costs!

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Nobody came to report that there was a clog in the shower drain until the staff discovered it the next day. You also came to the desk saying that you think that you left 100 shekels on the bed and now it's gone. Okay..... Lockers keys stay at the desk - that is our rule. I know that you wanted to bring a guy into the girl's dorm for a visit,and we wouldn't allow it. So, saying "no you can't" to people usually causes them to call us all sorts of things.