Reviews: Anonymous

Abercorn House Hostel

London, England

the hotel looks pretty clean but on the small and important details it was not! There was hair on our bedsheet, disguting! luckly it was 2 bed so we slept on the other one. London uses a different adaptor, when in most hostel you can borrow it there you must pay for it. also they don't accept card, I asked if I could leave my stuff in the room to go get cash, and the recepcionist said that could only give me the key after it is paid. A little help here wouldn't had hurt! the locaton was ok, but

Piraeus Inn

Piraeus, Greece

Perfect hostel! Really amazing for the price. Location, service, all perfect. The only negative point was the shower that it was not that good.

Hotel Dama

Rome, Italy

good location, good service and well cleaned. The internet sign was not good, but it still a good option for the price


nice hostel