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An Lan Jie Hostel

Chiayi, Taiwan

The friendly staff gave me a tour of the hostel, which is on different floors of the building, and invited me to a Christmas concert. The floor I was on had a great communal kitchen / dining room and the wifi worked well. The bunk beds in the dorm were very tall with lots of vertical space and plenty of outlets. There were multiple separate bathroom and shower stalls for the floor. Breakfast included peanut butter, chocolate syrup, toast, and waffle mix.


This was the most modern, new-looking, spacious hostel I've ever stayed in. I stayed in a four-bed room in a two-room suite with desks, kitchen, lounge area, and bathroom. I liked that we had a bathroom in the suite and also one nearby in the hall. The location is great. I had a layover in Chicago between Amtrak trains so it was nice that the station was a quick bus ride away.

City Hostel Seattle

Seattle, USA

I had a bad first night here and the staff was really accommodating about making the rest of my stay comfortable. The location can't be beat: it was easy to walk to the Space Needle, downtown, and buses that went elsewhere. The street outside was fairly noisy at night, though. The hall bathrooms were usually clean and the breakfast was decent. I got to meet some interesting people.

USA Hostels San Francisco

San Francisco, USA

The location was convenient and seemed fairly safe. I arrived late at night and walked alone from Market without any problems. The dorm with ensuite bathroom was nice. I really liked the privacy pod with outlets and light, although the mirror on the wall kind of negated the privacy aspect. I also liked the common/breakfast area downstairs, and the little cards with directions to different attractions.

Planet Traveler

Toronto, Canada

I stayed here while attending TCAF events, which were within walking distance of the hostel. It’s also next to Kensington Market and all of the great dining options there. Our private room was clean and secure, though I wasn't a fan of sharing a one-person bathroom with the suite.


The staff at En Attendant Godot was extraordinarily generous and kind -- they really went out of their way to help me and take care of me when I got sick. The room was nice and the hostel was an easy walk away from both town and the Li river.

Wada Hostel in Guilin

Guilin, China

I only stayed one night on my way to Yangshuo, but it was a good experience. The staff let me know that there was a bus station right across the street with buses to Yangshuo, which saved me a lot of walking.


The food is excellent and I met a lot of great people. I did spot a few bugs though, and I was bitten at night by mosquitoes (could just be the area). My floor and dorm were also very noisy at night because the hostel was pretty crowded. Still, I'd definitely go back for the atmosphere.

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We are also very surprised with the mosquitoes, though not many, this is not the season with mosquito, I assume that we have to really face to the impact of global warming. And this is definitely warmest early winter we had by far... ...

Han Tang Inn Hostel

Xi'an, China

I only stayed one night but the staff went above and beyond to accommodate my itinerary. They picked me up from the train station free of charge and saved me a spot on that day's Terracotta Warriors tour, which was amazing (Zhazha rocks). The dorm was really nice and had a private bathroom. The hostel is also in a great location -- within walking distance to the main attractions.


A real hutong experience. Both the staff and the cats were very friendly. I especially liked that the hostel had a small community feeling so that it was easy to meet fellow travelers. Plus the home-cooked pancakes, family dinner, and dumplings were delicious.


I stayed in a four-bed dorm and everything was clean and satisfactory. The room was fairly small and the hostel was a little noisy at night -- mainly because of a security feature on the doors that made a loud noise.