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Hostel Mango

Prague, Czech Republic

thank you for your hospitality, we had a pleasant stay as always. This time we took a room with 6 beds and the shower in this case looked like it could use some maintenance.. almost about to brake. We also had a girl in our room when we arrived, who was not supposed to be there, but some how her key (225) opened the door of the room 25. Please take a look at it. Thanks!

Sleep Well Youth Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

No customer comment

Lotte - The Backpackers

Heidelberg, Germany

It was an excellent place, I had such a pleasant time there. Facilities are good and staff is very friendly and helpful. I went there only for one night, but stayed there for two at the end.

Little Town

Prague, Czech Republic

I stayed with my friend in an room for the two of us and it was very big and nice. We spend two wonderful nights there. It is so close to the Castle and most of the nice places are reachable by foot. Furthermore, there are many nice restaurants and cafes around. I would stay there again!

Bazar Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

No customer comment

Travel Joy Hostels Chelsea

London, England

It was a great idea to spend the weekend there! I will definitely do it again