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Location: England, Gender: Female, Age: 25

Hostel Ka'beh Cancun

Cancun, Mexico

This was the first stop on my trip and it was great. The staff were friendly, knowledgeable and nothing was to much trouble. The common area was nice, with with hammoks for relaxing and a long table eating/drinking around. There was also something going on every night which meant, as someone traveling alone, you felt welcome and included in the group from the start. The hostel was cleaned every so the common area and bathrooms were always nice and presentable. See you next time I'm in Cancun.

HI Boston

Boston, USA

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A&O City Hackerbruecke

Munich, Germany

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Five Reasons Hostel

Nuremberg, Germany

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Lucky Lake Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Loved it! Just wish it was closer to the centre!!

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You love Lucky Lake, that's awesome. Thanks for staying!


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Absoutly loved this Hostel... so so so much fun, would recomend it to anyone! Staff were lovely, great comman area serving food and drinks, its a bit out of town but a shuttle bus will take you down or bring you back most of the day soo really nothing negiative to say!!!

St Christophers Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Awesome hostel in an awesome city. Enough said!!

Berlin City Lounge

Berlin, Germany

Staff were never there and the hostel is a long way from the centre of berlin. There is also no comman area so for someone like me who was traveling alone, it was pretty rubbish for meeting new people. Im sure there are better hostels in Berlin where you will have a lot more fun!


Antwerp, Belgium

This hostel is very small and not in the best part of town. The hostel is very nice though and had the location been better I would have said it was the best I'd been to