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Xiamen Travellers' Home

Xiamen, China

I was there during off-season, so in fact, the only one. The staff was also rarely there, but always made arrangements to be there quickly when needed. I would say it is more like a home-stay than a hostel in the traditional sense. Ina, who runs the place, is something of an angel. Always available to help, She also included me in activities with her friends, just to make me happy. The house is spotless. The area lively and a lot of fun. Highly recommended !

Clearsky Backpacker Hostel

Hualien, Taiwan

This is the off-season, so the place was rather empty, so I cannot really comment on the usual atmosphere. The owner (Robert) is extremely friendly, outgoing, and speaks excellent English. The place was extremely clean, rooms were more spacious than average, but the immediate surroundings are not particularly interesting (esp food).


I think the "randomness" some complain about is part of the charm. Architecturally interesting, fun. My double room was large/bright, with router signal. That said, the overall wifi situation is poor. None in most rooms. Slow, and useless for skype or other calls. Too little data, too many users. They are aware, but I went elsewhere when good connection was needed. Location is cool, right next to extensive Green Lake Park. Overall, I quite like the place, would return.


Nice place, nice people, but not nearly enough planning and informational help and not enough English spoken.


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