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Arc House

Barcelona, Spain

The hostel just opened, I was there for 2 nights, left, and came back 1week later for another 2 nights and saw alot of improvements, so bear with them with they still miss a cork opener or something. Other then that, the staff is great and helpfull, and all is new, and they are opened to new ideas and advices. 2 supermarkets close by and metro/bus stops, beach is 10mints away, all you can eat in a 5 min radius, landmarks all in 30min walk.

FunkNBunk Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Hostel is relatively new, so the owners /staff still adapt, but other then that, they have a party atmosphere going with decency towards others who want to rest. Pluses: Party, bathrooms, staff, price Minuses: Kithen needs improvements (but it`s ok), cheep bed sheets (but clean)

Hostel David

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Suuuper nice staff, that serves you with traditional Raki, and Burek, and whatever they have and can offer, they take pride in the region they live and will gladly help you discover Mostar and the surroundings. Downsides: internet is 5/10 (but it works) and ppl smoke in the common areas in the hostel (and people smoke ALOT in BiH) and it can be very hard for someone who quit smoking to stay

Hostel Ljubicica

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Super good location, in an old historical house, would rate the general looks of the hostel a 7/10,... suuper nice staff, the only downside (as in the whole of BiH) is that people are allowed to smoke indoors and it can be really hard for someone who quit or who is not a smoker

Logistics Youth Center

Zagreb, Croatia

If you don`t mind staying at the edge of the city and to take a bus, taxi or to walk to the center like I did....then you`ll like it at LYC, I payed about 2.50euro /night in a double room and it was just me, so I didn`t mind that it was not in the center :D The staff was nice

Westend City Hostel

Vienna, Austria

Good location, basic kitchen, the overnight person at the reception was a bit cranky /rude....but the rest were awesome and helpfull, internet was 6/10 but it worked

Patio Hostel

Bratislava, Slovakia

Suuuuper nice staff, very close to the city center, Tesco and Lidl supermarkets close by, good facilities, and nice common room, tahnk you very much for having me

Schlafmeile Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Had to leave at 6am....thought to take all my belongings on the hallway and pack them, so not to disturb the others who were sleeping. Took 2 chairs from the kitchen next door on the hallway to put my things, and while I was gathering my things, the janitor came into the room, and started to shout loudly in his poor italian- english that the chairs belong to the kitchen....I told him to take them and just be quiet because people were sleeping, but he continued on shouting and throuing his hands

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Thanks that you are thinking of the guests.Next time maybe pack your bag before Hand .When you no that you are leaving early in morning ..I have spoken with the cleaner and he didnt realise that you where packing your back pack .We have had some strange guests doing funny the hostel .Thats why he was waving his Hands like a d.j..Hope you enjoyed Berlin .Plus we gave you a 5 bed dorm room at the same Price as a 10 bed dorm room .Because you couldnt sleep in the 10 bed dorm room ..

Hoza Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

Super location, SUPER STAFF, very friendly and fun to stay with them, especially mr. Sanchez who was vey funny and the girls loved him :) Big kitchen with everything needed, living area, internet and all, there were no personal lockers, but there is one big locker to put valuables right in front of the reception and which can be accessed all the time in the presence of one of the staff. Highly recommed! :)

B Movie Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Good location, close to the center, free breakfast in the morning, lockers, internet, good showers

Kava Hostel

Lviv, Ukraine

Good hostel, extremly nice staff, would recommend

Like Hostel Chernivtsi

Chernivtsi, Ukraine

VERY GOOD LOCATION, nice, quiet and with good staff

PLUS Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Good hostel for the money :)

Peaches Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

Great place to stay

Magic Bus Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

I`d rate it a 7.5/10, and this because they were doing some renovations on the last floor and there was a bit of dust, but after they will finish, they will be a solid 8. To end the confusion about the location, the street has at its end a police station and police cars

Miramont Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

Well, I stood in Bucharest for 6 days at this hostel, if you are looking for a quiet place to rest, then Miramont is what you`re looking for. Kitchen is good, baths are ok, it`s clean. The staff and the owner are awesome (btw, the owner organizes world tours :) ). Indeed, the street that it`s located on doesn`t look that good, but it`s not dangerous. Internet works ok, metro station is under 5mints away, city center 1 metro stop

32 Romulus

Timisoara, Romania

I`m romanian also, and went to visit Timisoara, 32Romulus is the cheapest hostel on the market, I reserved 3 nights and ended up staying 7. I stood in the 8bed room, which was average, but the beds were good, clean sheets and it was warm. Bathroom - 7; Room - 7, there was no place to prepare something to eat, just a small fridge. I got the chance to look at a double room and it was very ok. Staff in incredibly nice, actually when I got there, the owner took me on a free tour of the city for free


Well, I just rememberd I was in Venice in October and I didn`t put a review for the place I slept at. I would most definitely recommend this place, it`s an old interbelic house on the Lido island, house is ok, clean, and it has all the facilities one would need. The lady was very nice, discreet, respectful and if you are not fluent in Italian, you can manage to talk to her in a mixture of languages (I used Italian, English, French Spanish and Romanian :P ) Breakfast is verrry good,