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Location: Canada, Gender: Female, Age: 26

Meramees Hostel

Cairo, Egypt

The wifi throughout was excellent. I would have appreciated having a place to lock up my valuables, and every room member should have had their own key. I did not appreciate having to leave my door unlocked when I went to bed because my roommate was due to arrive at 3am and there was only one key.

YHA Tunis Auberge Medina

Tunis, Tunisia

The extra blankets were amazing since it was so cold in Tunisia. I got the impression the room needed to be mopped as there was dirt in the corners.

Hotel Ennasma

Casablanca, Morocco

The lock on my door was broken. I was happy that there was wifi, and that there were no bed bugs. Breakfast was typical bread.

Smart Hyde Park Inn Hostel

London, England

Loved the triple bunkbeds. I did have trouble getting in to get food at breakfast though. Maybe put a second spread in the other room?


Please extend diving walls ALL the way up to the ceiling. 204 May be a 5 bed room, but we can hear everything in the connected room, and their lights affect 204 as well. And please get some proper bread for breakfast that isn't completely dried out.

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At the moment we can't extend the wall all the way up to the ceiling. That's why we sell the 2 rooms as a 9 bed dorm even if the beds are 5 in one room and 4 in another.

Apinelo Hostel

Split, Croatia

I would appreciate being able to lock my room, but the huge locker and front desk right outside the room doors made up for this. Kitche was small but adequate, and the shower was bigger once you were inside it.n

Hostel Villa Angelina Old Town

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The staff will remember your name! Extremely clean, very large lockers, and the showers are hot. Great hostel, I would stay here again. If I can make it up the steps from town...


Enjoyed the lockers and the wifi, but thought the keyed access to the lounge and the guest kitchen was overkill. Bathrooms, showers and rooms were all nice and clean. Beds were comfortable, and we had individual reading lamps. Very quiet at night. Please change: (A) Description. This is NOT a youth hostel. Average age around 45. (B) Directions by bus from Oslosentralstation to reflect having to go under the road to find the path.

Bath Backpackers

Bath, England

Recommendations for where to eat are good, especially since you don't serve breakky. 10bd room didn't feel cramped, though I've no idea how to use the in-room lockers. Free Wifi was also very useful.


Soft bed, extremely clean without being hospital-like, lockers that easily fit your bag, and fast wifi. I loved this hostel.

Do Step Inn

Vienna, Austria

The hostel building feels like a hospital. Pictures on the wall would help. Both rooms I stayed in were very clean, though only one had lockers for my bag. Good wifi, very soft beds, and a kitchen to cook in.

Do Step Inn

Vienna, Austria

In a residential area, so while it is quiet outside, we also have to be quiet after 10 or 11pm. No lockers. Reception in main building only. Wifi only in main building. In-room lockers only in hostel building, but not in main building. Beds were comfy, sheets were comfy, basement 5bds are fine.

Unity Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Excellent hostel. I loved the full gate in front of the door, so we could lock that and leave the door wide open to catch a breeze! Full sized lockers in room, and I believe locks and bedding were both provided free of charge. Free wifi (works best in common area), and each flat had a computer. Full kitchen, and a single full bathroom for each flat. The young lady on the desk was great. Your doorbell might have been broken when I visited. Yes, that really is the lift. Enjoy the adventure.

Astor Victoria

London, England

Get free wifi please. It's become standard. Otherwise, very clean rooms, staff were helpful, kitchens and dining rooms are large, and two lounge areas depending on whether or not you want to watch telly. Staff were also nice enough to hang onto a lost item for me until I was able to return to London four months later to retrieve it. Wish there had been a few less shenanigans in figuring out how to post it to me though. Figure out the price and send a paypay order through email is my suggestion.


The owner, Tracey, is more like a house-mom than a hostel owner. Expect her to be super friendly and helpful. I was in a four bed dorm, but ended up being the only one in my room. I loved how quiet the place was - didn't see anyone else besides Tracey, but that was how I wanted it for this trip. This isn't the place to stay if you want to party on your trip, but if you want to be up and around the town early in the morning, this is the place for you!

Residenza Santa Croce

Venice, Italy

Loved the location - very easy to find. The washroom was clean, there were individual lockers in the room, and there were no bed bugs. It's possible to hear the water buses beeping when they turn around, but otherwise it's very quiet at night. I would have preferred a hostel with a common room so I could meet people, wifi so I could double check the bus times, and breakfast because nothing is open early, but the hostel was still a really nice place to stay.

Hostel Pisa Tower

Pisa, Italy

The shower and washroom was clean, the road was quiet at night, and I loved the view from the window. The computer with Skype was very useful, and the fluffy rugs felt great on the feet after a day of walking. Thank you for having personal lockers in the bedrooms. My only problem was the wifi disconnecting me after two minutes, and not letting me reconnect. Overall a great stay.

Global Village

Belfast, Northern Ireland

There were a few comprehension problems with staff who didn't speak english as a first language, including my friend almost being sold a ticket to the wrong company's Giant's Causeway tour (a little more flexibility on the company issue please). Otherwise the hostel was extremely clean, I really enjoyed staying up watching movies and playing Halo with the Aussie, it was dead quiet at night even if you were the 1st in bed, and the hostel dog Biji is great. Toilets on the 3rd floor though please.

Oops Design Hostel

Paris, France

Pros: - far enough out that it was quiet at night, yet right on the metro so it was close to downtown - loved the colour scheme - overall very clean Cons: - lock-out is actually a lock-out - nowhere to lock luggage - breakfast is too small, and kitchen is not self catering. Mixed: - Staff speak three languages each, but need to finish their cig before helping you - There's wifi, but it's slow