Reviews: Anonymous

Casa Consell

Barcelona, Spain

Really excellent location and very clean hostel. First bad thing is that i was in the single bed room and there is only one window looking on the corridor. So if you close the window there is not enough fresh air, if you open the window all people can see you, passing through corridor. Even if you open the window and put curtain on - not enough fresh air. No aircondition in the room, just one fan and it's not enough. Second bad thing is atmosphere. No way to meet someone for hanging out together

Lisbon Destination Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Very nice hostel. Perfect location. Best part is huge livingroom with a lot of lazy bags, piano, guitar, pool table, huge dinning table, huge kitchen.... I met a lot of very nice people and I had great time there. All recommendations!!


Very small rooms and the smallest ( ensuite ) bathroom I have ever seen. Hostel has very nice shared kitchen, where you can prepare some food by your own, but poor breakfast in the morning. Also, hostel has a set of stupid rules - alcohol is forbidden in the room, so you can't drink beer in your room, for example(!?). Rule number 15. says that it's forbidden to leave your suitcase opened, on the floor, while you are going out, during the day?!


That hostel DOES NOT EXIST!! I had huge problem when I arrive on the defined address (Via Bixio 56) and I found no hostel!

Art Bed & Breakfast

Florence, Italy

I was in double bed room with ensuite bathroom and there were no toilet seat on the toilet. Bed are also very bad and uncomfortable. Breakfast was sooooo poor.