Reviews: Anonymous

Kimchee Sinchon Guesthouse

Seoul, South Korea

Nice place and Martin on the reception was very helpful. Thanks a lot for him. People helping there also for exchange.


Staff are not flexible everything else is all right.

The Urban Age

Bangkok, Thailand

I went to this hostel and told them I am not coming. First time in my last 11months of travel the hostel have touched my bank card and took the money from it. Other places have policy also but to be a human is not starting like that.


I did not stay here I just went to see the place. For the money the place is excellent to stay but for me a bit far from Thamel.

Kuldeep Friends Hostel

New Delhi, India

First time I have been here and I did not have reservation they were not so friendly to me. When I come back an other time with booking in my hands I have got a really really great service. Interesting place. :)

Zostel Jaipur Hostel

Jaipur, India

Very nice atmosphere. The owner give the heart for the place! Really happy I come here. Thank you.


Very good hostel to meet with people but the owner took advantage on people. But this was maybe just one time a year he could do it so if you do not really budgeting but want to meet with people this is your place. Otherwise you can find cheaper stay.


I really liked to stay at this hostel but the last time (in december) I booked a bed with them through hostelworld and I come to the hostel they said to me they are full and they can give only a room for more expensive (double price) what I have to pay. Of course I did not aggree so they sent me away when the time was around midnight. They should not sell something what they can not give. After I got booking guarantee from hostelworld but I really hope they will not do this with others!


I just visited but i have not stayed here. Good to meet with people but private guesthouse rooms are cheaper.

Friend's Hostel

Paris, France

Interesting place. You dont get towel. The guy on the reception did not really speak english and did not know how many people staying in our room. :D

Backpackers House Venice

Venice, Italy

We had a really nice stay with this hostel. Before my holiday the communication was very poor little bit miss-understanding, but we got even more what we booked. I do not know if was luckily, but we had a great great stay here! Thanks a lot!

Hostal Alcaravaneras

Gran Canaria, Spain

The staff are really really kind! I stayed on many place before but i found the kindest staff in this hostal! It is a pleasure for me! I stayed on the third floor. Everything was ok only the room was very hot! Maybe a little fan could help for it! In the night i needed to leave open the door untill 3 to cool it down!Thats it i think... :)