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Punto Hostel

Mar del Plata, Argentina

Unfortunately I have to warn other international travelers. When I arrived this hostel was a mess. It looked nothing like the pictures. It was like a tornado had blown threw it. The staff had no record I was coming. The 5 bed room was a 6. There were no toilet seats on the toilets. The staff did not speak English which was hard for me and the only other "guests" were I think people who were living there. On top of all that it was really expensive. Stay away from this place and Mar Del Plata.

Hostel Suites Palermo

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Like most of the hostels I stayed at in Argentina this place wasn't anything special but not bad. Nice common area, close to the subway, close to grocery stores, bars, restaurants. You can bring in yer own alcohol which is nice. Dorms dont seem to have AC if you need it. Bathrooms are awkwardly small. Rooms next to the common area could be noisy. Still I would recommend this place. One of the better hostels I stayed at in Argentina.

Rancho Grande Hostel

El Chalten, Argentina

I had a lot of fun at this hostel but there's some issues. First the kitchens are pretty bare bones, there's like 5 plates for 2 kitchens and you have to ask for glasses\plates from the restaurant there. Bigger problem is the staff seems really annoyed when you ask for a cup or plate (because they want you to eat/drink at the expensive restaurant?). In defense of the constantly annoyed staff, the place was crazy busy but staff attitude was a bummer. Also the group showers have no privacy.


Nothing really bad about this place except it has zero atmosphere! Because there's wifi everywhere nobody really hangs out in a common area which is a bummer. If yer into that sort of thing maybe try to find a different place. If you want a quiet place where you can keep to yourself this is the spot. Staff is helpful but sometimes it can be a long wait because they get busy. Really nice kitchen. Easy to walk to town center, stores, etc..

Non@Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Very nice place with very friendly staff. Very close to the airport! Also easy to walk to many sites, great food in Chiang Mai. Not much socializing going on at this place which I guess is okay if that's what you want. The common area was nice but not a place you really wanted to hang out in. Still I would recommend this place.

Non La Mer Hostel

Koh Lanta, Thailand

Best hostel I stayed at in Thailand. Bathrooms in room is so great plus they have extras downstairs! Very friendly/helpful staff. Great atmosphere. Close to the beach. Nice restaurants around. Easy to rent a scooter from this place then explore Koh Lanta! Actually one of the best hostels I've ever stayed at! I really miss this place.

Patong Backpacker Hostel

Phuket Patong Beach, Thailand

I was very surprised by this place! Perfect location!! Almost next to the beach and very close to party street. They let you drink your own alcohol in the common area which was great!! Not many places in Thailand let you do that. Very friendly staff. Definitely recommend!

Bodega Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

Nice place, very easy to get to from train station! This is good because you don't have to deal with shady taxis! Close to red light district if yer looking for that. ; ) Not really close to major sites in Bangkok(like grand palace) but sights in Bangkok arent that great anyways. Cant drink your own alcohol in common area which I though was weird but it seems many hostels in Thailand do that. Good food from the kitchen. Had a very fun atmosphere.

Cactus Jacks Backpackers

Rotorua, New Zealand

Staff was very helpful and friendly, helped me save some money when I screwed up my reservation. Rooms and bathrooms were clean and the location was very convenient in city center. Also very quiet at night which was very nice after a long day of activities. I would definitely stay here again.

Global Village Travellers Lodge

Greymouth, New Zealand

This is probably the best hostel I've ever stayed at. Friendly staff, very clean and nice facilities, wonderful atmosphere. I feel really lucky I got to stay here. If you are in Greymouth you gotta check this place out! I actually never thought hostels could be this nice.

Point Break Backpackers

Christchurch, New Zealand

Staff was really friendly. Free breakfast was nice. Hostel was in a weird part of town really far from city center which I didn't expect.. Very close to a nice looking beach though. The other guests seemed a bit more rowdy that other places but I don't know if that's the hostels fault. Was quiet at night.

Base Wellington

Wellington, New Zealand

This place wasn't that great. Our room had a bed in it that was unmade and looked like some one had been sick in it. To make matters worse the windows in the room could not open so there was zero ventilation and the room smelled very funky. There was a fan in the room to move the gross air around but it was covered in dust. : / One of the least pleasant hostels I stayed at in NZ. Next to a a lot of restaurants and bars though. Was quiet at night.

Junohall YHA Hostel Waitomo

Waitomo, New Zealand

This place was pretty cool. Very conveniently located next to our Waitomo adventures tour center. Everything was nice except for one thing... People walking down the central hallway that connects all the rooms were crazy noisy. I think because our room was right at the start of the hallway we heard EVERYONE stomping on by to their rooms. Hopefully you get a room at the end of the hallway. Perhaps the hostel should put some carpet or something down that hallway to try and reduce the noise.

Anchor Lodge Backpackers

Coromandel, New Zealand

Really pleasant location with helpful and friendly staff. Met some nice people here. Would definitely recommend.


Good location with a very friendly staff. Parking is expensive but convenient. If you absolutely had to stay in Auckland this wouldn't be a bad place. I would recommend you don't waste a day in Auckland though. The city is boring. After landing at airport immediately go to some outlaying area.


Best part of this hostel was all the organized trips they offered for a really cheap fee. Great way to meet other people and see some awesome sites without having to take the bus. Staff was very friendly. I wished it was a bit nicer but it was super cheap and only a block away from the beach.


Great Location and a good value for money. Rooms were cleaned daily which was nice because I had a roommate who was a little bit messy. Staff was really friendly but unfortunately had a hard time helping with planning trips to main tourist attractions. The other travelers at this hostel were extremely nice! A lot nicer than at the other hostel I stayed at. I think the extra cost helped filter out bad people. The fridge in the room was also very nice! I would definitely recommend this plce

Kyoya Ryokan

Nagoya, Japan

I would definitely stay at this Ryokan again. Very clean, friendly staff, and a great price. A little bit of a walk from the station but you can walk to Nagoya castle which is really great.


Awesome location where you can walk to many tourist spots. Would definitely stay at this hotel again.

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