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Hostel Beta Old Town

Dubrovnik, Croatia

NIce Clean Private room. Friendly owner.


I won't lie, I was pretty much too drunk to remember much but seemed ok to me.


Hostel with a pool and massive outside balcony. Good area for socialising and good directions provided on the Hostelworld site.

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

No customer comment

Tallinn Backpackers

Tallinn, Estonia

Awesome hostel. If you want to party stay here. If you want to be antisocial, don't. Staff always join in the drinking.

Looming Hostel

Tartu, Estonia

Very Quiet but very nice hostel. Staff very pleasant.


No customer comment


Very out of the way in london, not a lot happening. Wouldnt recommend it for party goers, but if you're looking to just epore the city and culture and all that nonsense it would be not too bad only 7 stops on the tube from central london.

USA Hostels San Diego

San Diego, USA

Cleaned bathrooms at inapproprate times. That was pretty much the only problem, really good appart from that.

Hostel Cat

Las Vegas, USA

If you wan't to party come here.


Good hostel. Massive room for drinking down staris when the clubs shut so noise and disturbance isnt and issue for people who don't want to party, but those who do can do so all night withough annoying others.

Greg & Tom Party Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Brilliant staff, Very friendly atmosphere. Everyone is welcome. Best place to party.

Sant Jordi Alberg

Barcelona, Spain

Had a great stay here. Really helpful staff. Very good pub crawls. Managed to tolerate two crazy Scottish people