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Location: Australia, Gender: Female, Age: 24

Broadway Hotel n Hostel

New York, USA

This was a bit out of the way in regards to location - had to get the subway everywhere. That said because it wasn't a touristy area, food was quite cheap and it was a nice area. It was a very clean hostel/hotel and I stayed in both a dorm and a private - the private was quite nice. I wouldn't recommend it as a solo traveller if you intend to meet people though, as this is more like a hotel in that aspect. Wifi only available on the lower floors but the nicest shared bathrooms I've seen!


The main pro of this hostel is the location. Quite like Chelsea as an area and it was fairly easy to walk to a lot of places. The hostel itself is really average - definitely one of the least favourites I've stayed in. Just 'meh'. No atmosphere, not very social (I blame that in part to wifi only being in common areas) and facilities were okay. A definite pro is that both rooms I stayed in had aircon's, which can be rare in hostels.


Pretty good hostel. The security is good, the staff are approachable, it's cleaned often, wifi was decent (the best I've seen in a large/busy hostel like this). It's pretty social, so if you're a solo traveller you'll be fine here. Each bed has an individual fan and shelf. Main complaint would be the squeaky beds and the rooms being quite stuffy even though it was cool outside.


Berlin, Germany

I don't usually stay in one city/hostel for a week, but for this trip I was picky for that reason. It was a great place to spend over a week. It was very social, a big group would usually drink on the balcony at night. There was a kitchen, which seems rare for Berlin. I do wish that they had thick blinds on the windows as even on cool mornings the room would heat up so much it was difficult to sleep. Plus the showers were an odd set up (not much privacy). Had a great time though. Nice location.

Buba House

Barcelona, Spain

Kind of difficult to find. Never seen a hostel like it - it was essentially a small apartment (at least where I was). The communal area, etc, therefore was very small. The bedroom doors were also open at all times. In all honesty, it was a little odd, but it was fine for the money and given we were there for a short period of time.

Goodmorning Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Best hostel I've been to. Extremely friendly staff (who actually seemed to enjoy working there), great facilities and overall a very 'homely' place to be. Also very easy to meet people and was encouraged by staff (free things such as sangria every night to make people meet). I wish every hostel was as comfortable as this. The only real fault I had was that I felt the 8 bed room was a bit too small (bags covering the floor due to little space) but the common areas more than made up for it.

Cloud 9 Hostel

Lagos, Portugal

Great hostel, overall. The staff were very, very friendly and welcoming. Our ensuite room had its down terrace plus there was another terrace on the roof with a view of Lagos. It was a really nice place to hang out. The location was also great - right in the middle of the action. Wish breakfast was included, but cheap food was bought nearby at the recommendation of staff.

Dover Castle Hostel and Bar

London, England

Booked because it was cheap so we got what we were expecting. That said, I've stayed in 10+ hostels and this has to be the worst of them. There is essentially one shower per floor (and there was at least 20 on my floor) unless you want to share your stall. There was only one powerpoint in a room for 12. I know that the staff tried to clean regularly, but the bathrooms were always dirty and smelt awful. Wouldn't recommend The good parts was the closeness to the station, good wifi and decent beds.

NosDa Studio Hostel

Cardiff, Wales

Really good hostel. It's close to everything in Cardiff so it's all walkable, yet far enough so it's not noisy. My bed was really creaky but that was just me. The rooms were decent and overall the hostel was quiet. The bar underneath (which you have to enter through) was alright, too. It was a pretty simple hostel in the sense it didn't have a lot of character, but it was comfortable and nice, so I would definitely stay again should I re-vist Cardiff.


A decent hostel. Had a really nice atmosphere and friendly, helpful staff. A few small things like cleaner bathrooms and such could really improve things.

Isaacs Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

The best out of the 3 hostels I've been to in Dublin. Good location and felt safe. It had a nice atmosphere and friendly staff. Wish there were more powerpoints in the room and the floor didn't creak, but no major complaints.

Euro Hostel Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland

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YHA London St Pancras

London, England

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